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On July 15, the superelle2021 young power China award ceremony was held in Shanghai.


Since it is a grand ceremony with the theme of young power, the new generation of idol artists are basically coming to the red carpet this time, and there is no lack of new performers this year. A total of more than 30 young idols attended.

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Moreover, in order to be related to the theme, the young people on the red carpet can be said to bring "unlimited youth" to the extreme, and all kinds of bold and extraordinary "strange clothes" have appeared one after another.



Looking at the whole red carpet, we have to say that without the "85 flowers" who used to support the scenes, the brilliance of the red carpet really plummeted.


However, it's not that there is nothing to see. Let's have a look.


1. Wang churan has the flavor of "little Liu Yifei"



Wang churan, who has been in high fever recently, is the first person to shine on the red carpet.


She was dressed in a red leather one-piece shorts suit, clean, very white, slim limbs more and more appear to have advantages. At the same time, a head of black curly hair neutralizes the "hardness" brought by the leather suit, which is more tender.



In terms of make-up, her skin is white and her facial features are grand. This time, the eye make-up makes the whole person look very smart. Besides the aura, the red lips are more charming.


It really has the flavor of "little Liu Yifei".

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2. Sun Anke, the sister who was beaten to death

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Sun Anke's red carpet seems to be useless. He has a black bra and a gauze blouse. His lower body is a rose red floor pants, which is a soft route when he walks on the whole.


Compared with this time when everyone is working hard on the red carpet, her dress is really too ordinary. In addition, the lighting of the red carpet is really dead, so her style belongs to the type of forgetting after seeing it.



3. Lin Yun

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How is that a few strong hair silk to return a responsibility?


This time, the red carpet may be because of the "young force" route, we all give up the dress and wear light trousers.


Lin Yun's black one-piece suit and shorts are very capable, completely different from her sweet girl fan.


The diamond waist card and thin bandage high-heeled shoes neutralize the "strong" on the clothes. The slightly drunken clothes make her look a little pink and girly, but she feels that her hairstyle is a little casual.

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4. Wu Jinyan

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"Scheming" at the waist


Wu Jinyan's red carpet chooses a retro silk green suit, and the picture is also very eye-catching.


Compared with the model, she conservatively added a black bra, but also added a broken diamond to her waist.


She has a personality and a little charm, but she is too thin to support this long shirt.


She also chose the makeup, with the oblique big bangs short hair, it looks like a kind of strong woman.

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5. Zhou Bichang

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Two pieces of cloth went out


Zhou Bichang's red carpet design is completely "subversive".


Although it's still a cool trouser suit, the top part is very bold. It's totally wrapped in two pieces of cloth. If you don't take it seriously, it will go out.


Maybe I didn't wear such bold clothes at ordinary times. I felt that Zhou Bichang was not very confident this time.


Her red carpet has always been particularly impressive. I hope I can find a good-looking dress that matches her temperament next time.

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6. Meng Meiqi

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Good earrings


Meng Meiqi's red carpet is quite special these times. This time, her style is unique, and she has a sense of technology in the future.


The white hollowed out one-piece trousers, the neck hanging and the front hollowed out design show the sallow and sexy.


Although her height is not as high as that of a model, she can also hold up her clothes well. The big colorful Blue Earrings add a lot of points to a white dress.


Besides, Meng Meiqi has a good appearance. Her skin color is white and she can stand the light of death. It seems that this cool style is more suitable for her.

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7. Zhou Yutong

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It should be on the way to make a retro MV set


Zhou Yutong is also on a retro route. Originally, this model was dressed with a base of color, but she just wore a dress.


However, because of her thin body and her clothes fit too well, she looks very thin.


Braiding and half Ponytail Hair is also a retro style. I feel that with a different background, I can play the MV of the last century.

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8. Li Ziting

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Vest line is more eye-catching than clothes


Li Ziting, who also created the 101 draft, is also very eye-catching this time.


The fluorescent suit is eye-catching. With her cool coat, she has a good figure, especially the vest line. It's really enviable.


Compared with the eye-catching clothing, Li Ziting's makeup shows very "tired".


Their skin color is not very white, plus make-up hit "dirty", eyes because of make-up feeling are not open, the whole person's state is very lifeless.


And the fluorescent color turns black, which makes it even more disastrous.


9. Zhang Jingyi

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It's so sensual that you can't get close shots at all


Zhang Jingyi, who was born in 1999, should be a young actress on the red carpet this time. She was also very young when she appeared in "the sky of young winddog", but this time, the red carpet did not show her youthful vitality at all.


The black-and-white suit looks mature and steady, and the necklace between her neck is too "heavy". In addition, she chooses the middle part of the ball, which highlights her broad face and obvious flesh feeling, so she can't take a close-up shot at all.


10. Yang Mi

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The most important person is the scenery everywhere


The final appearance of Yang Mi is worthy of being the best of 85 flowers, this time worthy of the "red carpet killer" and "the best of the game".

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从出场的那一刻起,就叫人移不开眼,身穿Ronald van der Kemp 2021秋冬高定,黑白色的西装款廓形上衣气场大开。

From the moment of appearance, it's hard to move people's eyes, wearing Ronald van der Kemp 2021 autumn and winter high set, black and white suit silhouette top, showing great momentum.


The short skirt with a big tail not only highlights Yang Mi's long thin legs, but also has a very aggressive way to walk, full of empress style.

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The simple curly long hair with earrings full of diamonds is very expensive. Xiaobian even thinks that her on-the-spot pictures are more lethal than the refined ones.


If the red carpet long leg dress is just Yang Mi's appetizer, then the clothes she changed in the infield can be called the "final dish".

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回到内场,杨幂换了一身性感热辣的深V“辣妹装”,衣服是Georges Hobeika 2021春夏高定。

Back in the infield, Yang Mi changed into a hot and sexy "hot girl" dress, which is Georges Hobeika's 2021 spring and summer high set.


This dress is bold but amazing. The top and bottom are cut in the shape of scissors, with string of beads and gauze mesh. It is sexy and charming with a touch of softness.

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The low cut design of the upper body makes Yang Mi's career line perfectly displayed, and the skirt is very short, making the legs thin and long. It can be said that although the skirt makes Yang Mi almost "lost", but it makes her whole person radiant, any figure is unable to move eyes, it is the existence of killing all sides.

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The long legs and the thin waist are the only way to reduce dimension. The red carpet and the grand ceremony depend on her.

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11. Li Xian

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Among the male stars, Li is taking a safe route.


A white suit suit is fresh, clean and noble. The black-and-white striped tie adds a bit of gentleness, and the glasses are quite artistic.


However, in the middle, Li Xian still has his own small design. Who can't see the moment when he takes off his glasses? How many people dream back to the period of "being a boyfriend".


12. Huang Minghao

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Huang Ming Hao's red carpet style is also quite avant-garde bold, green leather jacket with wet hair big back and sunglasses.


It's not hard to see that the multi-element combination is unexpected. It seems that being young is good.


Finally, let's talk about a group of series that we can't understand. This time, the male and female stars have made great efforts.

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Perhaps to show "creativity", young people on the red carpet try their best to show their personalities, but some of them are dazzling, while others are completely incomprehensible.


For example, Liu Yuxin's suit looks very hot. She wears a leopard print suit with three or four layers. In this season of July, she is hot across the screen.

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There is also Zhu Jingxi, who has always been taking the "personality" route. She is wearing a bra with leather gloves, a pair of ball heads with braids, pearl necklaces and purple spikes that people can't ignore.


Well, the beauty of fashion is hard to understand.

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The same is true for the male stars. Although this year's "youth with you" 3 failed to form a group, the popular players also attended the ceremony.


It's very attractive in terms of appearance, but it's hard to say anything about the fashion design. Let's see the picture and feel it.

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And the fashion sense of the model circle has always been far away from us ordinary people.

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Throughout the "super Elle 2021 Young China awards ceremony", although we are young and energetic, we always feel that there are fewer bright stars in front of our eyes. Relying on big powers to support the show is more or less not enough.


Moreover, because the red carpet is too simple this time, it has a certain degree of degradation from setting to lighting, and the amazing feeling brought by the red carpet itself is not as good as in the past.


It seems that we can only look forward to the next red carpet.

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