坚守岗位 假日服务 不将就

坚守岗位 假日服务“不将就”

Stick to the post and "don't deal with" holiday service

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At the entrance of the scenic area, we can verify the information and register the temperature measurement for tourists, prepare the delicious food for the guests in the back kitchen of the hotel, investigate the hidden dangers and protect every cultural relic in the cultural and Museum venues During the Spring Festival holiday, when people's families get together, many front-line workers in the cultural and tourism industries are busiest. They give up their holidays, stick to their posts, and make the holiday culture and tourism services "not make do" with their silent efforts and attentive protection.


Ensure safety


Xinglongshan scenic area in Gansu Province is a National Nature Reserve, and the task of fire prevention in winter is particularly arduous. From December 28 to the fourth day of the first month, the first thing Huang Wei, a fire officer in the scenic spot, does after he arrives at his post is to check the records left by his last colleague on duty, communicate with his colleagues on relevant posts, and carefully understand whether there is a fire. Huang Wei also went to the parking lot of the scenic spot to do publicity and guidance, remind tourists to leave lighters in the car, and assist tourists to scan and register the "fire code". Every day, he and his colleagues will go to the mountain for more than three hours of routine inspection. This is Huang Wei's third consecutive year on duty during the Spring Festival. He said that whenever he heard tourists praise Xinglong Mountain, he felt proud from the bottom of his heart.


On the eve of new year's Eve, when people watch the Spring Festival Gala and have a reunion dinner, Wang Jipeng, a 34 year old security guard, is leading a patrol in the forest of Chishan scenic spot in Shidao, Weihai, Shandong Province. "This is the seventh Spring Festival I've spent in the mountains. Every year we patrol until the middle of the night." Wang Jipeng said that to build a solid "firewall" for Chishan scenic spot and let tourists have a happy, peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival is the greatest wish of him and his team members.


Ma Wenjing, the head of the Security Department of Novotel Beijing Xinqiao Hotel, is 59 years old. This Spring Festival, Ma Wenjing is on the day shift on the 30th of the Lunar New Year and the first day of the first month, and on the night shift on the third day of the first month. While on duty, he and his colleagues patrol every area of the hotel every day and every hour. "Although there is a central control room, manual inspection is still necessary to ensure safety." Ma Wenjing said that safety is no trivial matter, and sometimes a safety accident may happen in an unexpected moment.


Record the temperature and humidity of the earthen ruins, and conduct safety inspection on the electricity consumption of merchants around Hanguang gate Wang Xiaobo, a security guard in the security room of tanghuangcheng Hanguangmen site museum in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, is mainly responsible for the safety of cultural relics and earthen sites in the museum. When he finishes his work one by one, it is often late at night. This year is the seventh Spring Festival Wang Xiaobo spent in his post. He said that his family understands his work better and he will work harder.


Meticulous service


Volunteers dressed in "red waistcoats" guide visitors to Sanfang Qixiang historical and Cultural District in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, on February 15. Huang Jingjing, a volunteer on duty at the north entrance of the block, is responsible for temperature measurement, personnel registration, consultation and guidance, and civilized persuasion. "This year is my first spring festival in Fuzhou. I hope to make a little contribution to this ordinary post and stand a good post for you." Huang Jingjing said. Volunteer Lin Shan has been on duty for four days at Beikou tourist reception center, mainly responsible for ticketing work for the activities of benefiting the people such as free tour of scenic spots for migrant workers staying in banyan. "I hope that through good service, we can make the people living in banyan have a good new year and feel the charm of" a blessed state. " Lin Shan said.


During the Spring Festival holiday, many people who celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot visit the cultural and Museum venues. More than 80 staff and volunteers of Qingdao Museum and Qingdao urban cultural heritage protection center stick to the posts of epidemic prevention and prosecution, front desk consultation, guide explanation, exhibition hall security, venue environment cleaning, etc. From February 11 to 16 at noon, Qingdao Museum held 28 offline exhibitions and 50 online and offline theme education activities, with an audience of more than 52000 people.


In the Daming Palace National Heritage Park in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, Ma Yaozhen, the infrastructure administrator of the basic security center, regardless of the dirty and tired, serves tourists well. On the second day of the lunar new year, the floor drain in the toilet of the Park Cultural Exchange Center returned water. It was found that the main sewage pipe network was blocked, so it was urgent to dredge the sewage well. After determining the solution, Ma Yaozhen quickly carried out the emergency dredging work, but due to the serious blockage, he needed to go down the well for operation. After solving the problem of blockage in the well, he began to use the water pipe to wash and clean up the sewage from the toilet floor drain.


During the Spring Festival, the staff of the hotel catering department are very busy. On New Year's Eve alone, the Zhangjiagang International Trade Hotel in Jiangsu Province has 70 single table family banquets and received more than 200 takeout orders for new year's Eve dinner. From New Year's Eve to the fourth day of the first month, sun Yanwen, the general manager of the hotel, goes to the kitchen to help almost every day, often from noon to late at night. "Temporary kitchen workers are going to be regular this Spring Festival." He joked about sun Yanwen, who was already familiar with the spoon and plate.


Care for tourists


During the festival, Zhang Hongfeng, manager of the ropeway Passenger Transport Department of Tianmen Mountain scenic spot in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, will arrive at the scenic spot at 6:30 every morning and start the day's work of early inspection and line patrol of the ropeway. Sometimes in the evening, after the ropeway is out of service, he has to work overtime to repair the parts with hidden dangers, often until the early morning. Zhang Hongfeng said that sometimes it's sour to see other people's families reunite, but whenever he sees many tourists riding the cableway comfortably and safely in the scenic area, he is comforted. "Many tourists will wave to me and ask me how such a dangerous ropeway was built. I will explain it to them carefully. It's an honor to maintain the longest Alpine passenger ropeway in Asia. "


"It's our responsibility to our passengers to be able to serve our holiday guests and ensure that they commute on time." Zhao Yaquan, driver of Samsung team of Shaanxi Tourism Automobile Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shaanxi tourism group, said. During the Spring Festival, Zhao Yaquan's Samsung fleet of 42 operating vehicles continued to serve customers. The team operates in three time periods: morning, middle and evening. It picks up people at the gate of each designated hotel or community at 4:30 a.m. every day and doesn't finish work until midnight. In the team, there are many drivers like Zhao Yaquan who give up the chance to reunite with their families, so that the operation does not relax and the service does not stop.


Check the itinerary code and auspicious code of tourists, measure temperature and check tickets for tourists In order to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work is in place, during the Spring Festival, Jilin Changchun Jingyuetan scenic area added a manual inspection post at the main gate. Zhai Xueyong, the monitor in charge of entrance guard of the tourism business department of the scenic spot, stuck to his post with more than ten colleagues during the holidays. "There are more colleagues on duty this year than in previous years, and we do our best to ensure the safety of tourists." Zhai Xueyong said.


Hao Jingliang, a volunteer of the Longxing Temple scenic spot in Zhengding, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, guides tourists into the park in an orderly way. "We are all very conscious and basically do not gather or gather together. For the sake of tourists' safety, we give up the rest and feel it's worth it. " Hao Jingliang said.

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