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第304号  宋祖儿 

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Song Zuer, formerly known as sun Fanqing, is a film actress from mainland China, studying in Beijing Film Academy.

1998年5月23日出生于天津市,2018年4月13日,北京电影学院公布了艺考成绩排名,宋祖儿以90.67的成绩获得表演专业全国第三 ;

Born in Tianjin on May 23, 1998, on April 13, 2018, Beijing Film Academy announced the ranking of art examination results, and song Zuer won the third place of performance major in China with a score of 90.67;

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On June 23, song Zuer's college entrance examination results were released, with a total score of 454 points, exceeding the undergraduate line of literature and history in Tianjin college entrance examination (436 points), including 102 Chinese, 63 mathematics, 127 foreign languages and 162 comprehensive literature.



In 2005, song Zuer appeared in her first film and television work "the sea is wide and the sky is high", and began to set foot in the performing arts circle.


In 2009, he was well-known by the audience for playing Nezha in the ancient costume myth drama "before the lotus lamp".



In 2016, he starred in the comedy adventure Los Angeles mischief project.


In 2017, he joined the star self-help travel reality show flower and youth season 3; In the same year, he starred in the legendary ancient costume drama "Jiuzhou misty record".



On January 12, 2019, she won the annual popular actress award of the 3rd golden bone flower online film and Television Festival; On January 20, he won the annual commercial value potential artist award of 2018-2019 China Entertainment Fund data release ceremony;



In the same year, he acted in the ancient costume myth drama "ancient secret pact", in which he played the role of Baili Hongyi, a strange, willful and brave man; In October, she was shortlisted as an actress candidate for the sixth "good Chinese TV actor" online drama; In November, he participated in Zhejiang satellite TV's night city reality show "chase me" and served as the resident MC chase me family;



On November 8, she won the 26th Huading Award for the best actress of Chinese ancient costume TV series for her TV series "Jiuzhou misty record"; On November 19, he participated in singing the theme song "stars and sea" of the youth actor program of the central film channel; On December 31, he participated in the CCTV new year's festival and sang the song of seven sons with Zeng Shunxi.



2020年1月24日,参加2020年中央广播电视总台春节联欢晚会与黄晓明、金靖、王自健、孙芳雅、钟佳颖、代月明表演小品《机场姐妹花》 [9] 。5月,与宋佳、陈赫、袁咏仪合作主演由五百执导的都市时尚职场剧《盛装》,在剧中饰演初入杂志社的实习生李娜。

On January 24, 2020, he participated in the Spring Festival Gala of China Central Radio and television in 2020 and performed the sketch "airport sisters flower" with Huang Xiaoming, Jin Jing, Wang Zijian, sun fangya, Zhong Jiaying and Dai Yueming [9]. In May, she co starred with Song Jia, Chen he and Yuan Yongyi in the urban fashion workplace drama "dress up", directed by 500. In the play, she played intern Li Na, who was new to the magazine.



In June, he co starred with Hou Minghao in the original youth inspirational drama reading class, in which he played Wu Jiashu, a talented girl of literature and art. In July, he served as the vice store manager of Tencent's public welfare program "forget restaurant Season 2" focusing on cognitive impairment.



In September, she co starred with Bai Yu and Mao Xiaotong in the urban drama "Qiao's children", in which she played Qiao Simi, a little sister who dares to love and hate and lives in a dream. On September 15, he was shortlisted for the 7th blue group of Chinese TV actors.


On May 17, 2021, song Zuer won the first prize in the selection of "one star of the day" in the list of world cultural artists.On June 2, he was at the top of the list again.




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