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"National brand" has become an important starting point for the supply side structural reform of tourism industry

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The list of the second batch of national global tourism demonstration areas, the new batch of national tourist resort publicity list, the new batch of national 5A tourist attractions list Recently, the Ministry of culture and tourism has released a list of national tourism brands, marking the further improvement of China's multi-level tourism product system. The tourism product system of "Guozihao" has improved both in quantity and quality, and its structure has been optimized, which better meets the needs of the increasing diversification and upgrading of mass tourism.

丰富供给 满足大众需求

Enrich supply to meet public demand


Class a scenic spots, national tourist resorts, national tourism demonstration areas and other "national brand" tourism brands are the important support of China's tourism product system and the important starting point to promote the supply side structural reform of tourism industry.


With the announcement of the second batch of national global tourism demonstration zones, there are 168 national global tourism demonstration zones. The demonstration areas have accumulated rich experience in cultural and tourism integration development, tourism poverty alleviation and enriching people, urban and rural planning, ecological protection, scenic city co construction and sharing, leisure and vacation, resource transformation, border development and opening up, providing high-quality global tourism services for tourists.


After the announcement of a new batch of national tourist resorts, the total number of national tourist resorts has reached 45. At present, the Ministry of culture and tourism has issued the measures for the management of national tourist resorts, established a dynamic management mechanism with both in and out, and carried out review and inspection to ensure the quality of tourist resorts.


According to the development report of China's tourist attractions in 2019-2020 compiled by the Department of resource development of the Ministry of culture and tourism, by the end of 2019, there are 12402 A-level scenic spots in China, including 280 5A level scenic spots. According to the "statistical bulletin on culture and tourism development in 2019" issued by the Ministry of culture and tourism, in 2019, the total number of A-level tourist attractions in China was 6.475 billion, an increase of 7.5% over the previous year, and the tourism revenue was 506.572 billion yuan, an increase of 7.6%.


Zhou Bing, chairman of Shaanxi Tourism Group Co., Ltd., believes that the announcement of the list of national tourism brands has undoubtedly played an inspiring role in the case of the impact of the epidemic on the tourism industry. No matter what the internal and external environment is, there is still considerable room for improvement in China's tourism industry. There are still many ways to go in terms of system thinking and system construction. There are still many "real efforts" to improve the overall level of the industry.


As for the construction of China's multi-level tourism product system, Hong Qinghua, founder of Jingyu donkey mother group, said that scenic spots, resort areas and global tourism demonstration areas represent three different tourism needs and consumption patterns: tourism economy, holiday economy and global leisure economy. At the present stage, the public demand is increasingly diverse, tourists from the landscape to the pursuit of life, hope to have more high-quality products, create a better travel experience and life experience.

擦亮品牌 提高供给质量

Polish the brand and improve the quality of supply


In the construction of multi-level tourism product system, the industry strives to create high-quality tourism products. In particular, the "national brand" has established a good image in the hearts of the public.


Under the background of the increasingly perfect point, line and surface multi-level tourism product system, how can A-level scenic spots highlight their own advantages? New 5A scenic spot and Chishui Danxia tourist area in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province have been exploring. "We must further improve the service quality of scenic spots, strictly manage and train, transform and upgrade the infrastructure, and fully demonstrate the standard of 5A scenic spots. Continue to launch characteristic tourism experience to meet the personalized needs of tourists. We should base ourselves on the long term and achieve a balance of economic, social and ecological benefits. " Chishui Tourism Development Co., Ltd. said the relevant person in charge.


As for how to highlight the advantages of the resort and maintain the brand of the resort in the new development pattern, the relevant persons in charge of the new national tourist resort and Shangrao Sanqingshan Jinsha tourist resort proposed that we should take "green and healthy" as the concept, give full play to the advantages of climate and ecological environment, enrich the types of products, and realize the development of characteristics and high-quality products. At the same time, we should pay attention to the improvement of service quality, optimize the reception service, do a good job in the construction of "fast travel and slow travel" system and the coordinated renovation of the surrounding environment, and promote the full coverage of smart tourism; purify the tourism environment, strengthen tourism safety management, establish an efficient tourism complaint handling mechanism, and strengthen the law enforcement, inspection and supervision of the tourism market; improve service facilities, and accelerate the improvement of tourism roads, public toilets and parking spaces Parking lot and other supporting facilities.


Qingpu District of Shanghai is a new national tourism demonstration area. As for building a global tourism brand, Shen qiujuan, Secretary of the Party group and director of Qingpu District Culture and Tourism Administration, said that Qingpu District is the venue of China International Import Expo and an important carrier for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. In the next step, Qingpu District will enlarge the spillover effect of the Expo, connect with Hongqiao Business District, continue to promote the construction of urban tourism area around the National Convention and Exhibition Center, and create a global exhibition and business tourism system; rely on the advantages of Qingpu new town river network resources, integrate the reasonable concept of host guest sharing and water city integration, and create an ecological cultural leisure park cluster; and actively promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta To speed up the construction of "living room in Jiangnan Water Town", especially focusing on Dianshan Lake area and taking Zhujiajiao ancient town as the guide, to build a well-known Lake area and promote the high-quality development of tourism in the whole region.

研判趋势 优化目的地打造

Study and judge the trend, optimize the destination building


China's mass tourism has a good development momentum, and tourism has increasingly become an indispensable part of public life. In the face of the changing development trend, the construction of tourism destination needs scientific research and careful polishing.


Jiang Yizhen, assistant to the chairman of Qinsen (Group) Co., Ltd., suggested that culture and tourism should be truly combined, and historical collections, beautiful landscapes and scenery resources should be integrated with highlights, themes and characteristics; different groups' needs should be considered, people-oriented, service and product differentiation should be realized, and team tourism, customized tourism and self driving tourism should be taken into account, so as to realize "chain profit" ”We should speed up the improvement of supporting services, pay attention to the public's reputation and demand, and abandon the unreasonable management mode that the form is greater than the content.


Xie Meng, vice chairman and executive director of Zhengjia group, believes that the construction of tourism destination can keep trying and innovating towards the integration of culture, business and tourism. In order to achieve long-term development, tourism destinations must establish "mental links" with consumers, and the integration of culture, business and tourism is an effective way to enhance consumers' deep experience. Xie Meng suggested that we should make full use of various cultural and tourism resources, strive to create the overall culture and tourism atmosphere of the destination, and improve the tourism environment; strengthen the development of tourism auxiliary products, and strengthen the construction of IP; dig deep into the cultural connotation, create fist products, and innovate and optimize the product structure of the tourism destination; promote the development of aggregation, and create a number of tourism consumption aggregation experience areas, so as to achieve the goal There is a positive linkage in space.


"Under the influence of the epidemic and other comprehensive factors, there is a new trend in tourists' consumption decision-making, from price sensitive to safety sensitive and quality sensitive, instead of just looking at the price. In terms of age, generation Z is not only price sensitive, but also quality sensitive. " Xu Zhenyan, senior public relations manager of qunar.com, believes that for online travel agents, in the future, they should help tourists to find products with absolute low price, and at the same time, hand in hand with the destination to achieve quality upgrading to meet the demand of consumption upgrading.

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