大型网络剧《艺恋人的故事之人物篇 世界300位名人传》第一章合辑


作曲   罗华党   东方文工团  乐华 乐兰等

Theme song [we will always be together] composed by

 Luo Hua party, Oriental Art Troupe, Lehua lelan, etc


The purpose of the World Federation of literary and art circles is to carry forward the excellent national culture and promote the cultural integration of all ethnic groups in the world.


There is only one earth for mankind, and all countries live in one world. The global village is imperative. The biggest problem of the global village is the cultural conflict. Common development is an important foundation for sustainable development and is in the long-term and fundamental interests of the people of all countries. We should firmly establish the sense of a community of shared destiny, follow the trend of the times, grasp the right direction, stick to working together in the same boat, and promote the development of Asia and the world to a new level.



The realization of the Chinese dream is the result of the balanced development and mutual promotion of material and spiritual civilization. Without the inheritance and development of civilization and the promotion and prosperity of culture, there will be no realization of the Chinese dream. The ancestors of the Chinese nation have long yearned for a world of great harmony in which people's material life is full and carefree and their moral realm is fully sublimated.


通过开展拍摄大型网络剧《艺恋人的故事》盛大活动,引导激励全球文化艺术工作者立足本职岗位,带头坚定文化自信、坚持以世界各族人民为中心的创作导向 、推动人类文化事业全面繁荣和世界文化产业快速发展。

Through the grand activity of shooting the online drama "let love go home", guide and encourage global cultural and art workers to stand on their own posts, take the lead in strengthening cultural self-confidence, adhere to the creative orientation centered on the people of all ethnic groups in the world, and promote the all-round prosperity of human cultural undertakings and the rapid development of world cultural industries.


【艺恋人的故事】主题曲     罗华党   作曲

[story of art lovers] theme song composed by Luo huadang


The overview of large-scale online dramas organized by the United Nations Federation of jianyimei cultural industry (UNB) and the World Federation of cultural and art circles is as follows:

网络剧《艺恋人的故事》以世界文化艺术界联合会三届核心成员的发展变化为线索,以2015年 9月第一届文艺大会至2021年10月第三届文艺大会期间发生的故事为背景。主要表现文联人怀揣梦想、克服种种困难、为传承中华文明,促进世界文化大融合努力奋斗,播洒星光的感人故事。此剧是来自世界各国优秀文化艺术工作者、爱好者的一次集体展现,号召舞蹈家、音乐家、演艺工作者等不同领域的文艺工作者积极参与,本色出演最真实的自己。

The online drama let love go home takes the development and changes of the three core members of the World Federation of cultural and art circles as the clue, and takes the stories that took place from the first art conference in September 2015 to the third art conference in October 2021 as the background. It mainly shows the touching stories of the people of the Federation of literary and art circles who have dreams, overcome various difficulties, strive to inherit Chinese civilization and promote the great integration of world culture, and spread the stars. This play is a collective show of outstanding cultural and artistic workers and lovers from all over the world. It calls on dancers, musicians, performing artists and other literary and artistic workers in different fields to actively participate and play the most real themselves.



The plot of the play has ups and downs, which is highly ornamental. The real person plays the real thing, which has high authenticity; Most importantly, the play can be used as valuable personal audio-visual historical materials for permanent preservation.

正如亚洲电影协会副主席宋金奇先生所言:《艺恋人的故事》爱中藏美,世艺联美, 图境美、故事美、剧中人物美。剧组一定不负众望,竭尽全力编拍好网络剧《艺恋人的故事》 。

As Mr. Song Jinqi, vice president of the Asian Film Association, said: "let love go home" loves the beauty of China, Tibet, the United States of world arts, the beauty of picture, story and characters. The crew must live up to expectations and make every effort to make up and make a good online drama "let love go home".



主题曲【 艺恋人的故事】 罗华党  作曲

Theme song [story of art lovers] composed by Luo huadang


Basic members of the crew of let love go home


Chief planner and director: Luo huadang (Lehua)

执行导演:陈昆 (乐昆)汤红星(乐星)陈万军(乐军)

Director: Chen Kun (Le Kun), Tang Hongxing (Le Xing), Chen Wanjun (Le Jun)

编剧: 徐仕杰(乐楼)罗华党 (乐华 )谭石蓉 【乐蓉】凯莉米勒(乐勒)等

Screenwriter: Xu Shijie (Le Lou), Luo huadang (Le Hua), Kelly Miller (Le Le Le), etc

总制片 :谭邦兰 (乐兰)

Chief producer: Tan banglan (lelan)

制片主任: 胡珂(乐珂 ) 朱悦侨(乐悦)

Production director: Hu Ke (Leke), Zhu Yueqiao (leyue)

摄像 : 秦志明(乐秦) 廖杰(乐杰)等

Camera: Qin Zhiming (Leqin), song Jinqi (Leqi), Liao Jie (Lejie), etc

音乐总监 、作曲: 罗华党(乐华 )

Music director and Composer: Luo  hua  dang

主题歌演唱 :张华敏(乐敏)王昭君(乐君)等

Theme song: Zhang Huamin (Le min) Wang Zhaojun (Le Jun)

美术总监 :牛卓(乐卓 )甘慧美 (乐甘 )成斌( 乐斌)管敬革(乐敬)

Art Director: Niu Zhuo (Le Zhuo), Gan Huimei (Le GaN), Cheng bin (Le bin), Guan Jingge (Le Jing)


Dance director: Jiang Lili (Leli) Yina (Lena) dongnia (Leni) Zheng Lili (Leli) yiro (Ayi)

统筹 :李丹萍(乐丹)曾令旗(乐旗)汪秀生(乐秀 )黄馨锐(乐锐)段冬生 (乐冬 )韩清华( 乐清 )汪小平( 乐平 )阿依古丽(乐古 ) 刘鹏(乐鹏)小凤英〈乐凤)

Overall planning: Li Danping (ledan), Zeng Lingqi (Leqi), Wang Xiusheng (Lexiu), Huang Xinrui (Lerui), Duan Dongsheng (Ledong), Han Qinghua (Yueqing), Wang Xiaoping (Leping), ayguli (legu), Liu Peng (Lepeng), Xiao Fengying (Lefeng)

服饰 :张瑜 (乐瑜) 罗镧【乐镧】盘满菊(乐菊)

Dress: Zhang Yu (Leyu) pan Xiuju (Leyu)

主要演员:李元华(乐元 )舒耀瑄 (乐瑄)宋金奇【乐奇】姜莉莉(乐莉)玛丽娅芳音、【乐芳】 等 一至三届主席团及全体会员

Main actors: Li Yuanhua (Le Yuan), Shu yaoyu (Le Yuan), Jiang Lili (Le Li) and other members of the first to third presidium



People who let love go home: biographies of 300 celebrities in the world

第1章 人物篇(1——10号)

Chapter 1 characters (No. 1-10)

周向党、 李元华 、张瑜〈奥大利亚)、 牛卓 、朱悦乔 、姜莉莉 、甘慧美(马来西亚)、 舒耀暄 、张华敏、 谭邦兰

Zhou Xiangdang, Li Yuanhua, Zhang Yu (Australia), Niu Zhuo, Zhu Yueqiao, Jiang Lili, Gan Huimei (Malaysia), Shu yaoxuan, Zhang Huamin, Tan banglan

第2章:人物篇(11一20号)(入选名单 )

Chapter 2: characters (No. 11-20)(shortlist)

孟晓驷、于引、 陈昆、 捷克百合(捷克)、 凯莉米勒 (美国) 、王昭君 、莎拉翟(德国)、郑莉莉(奥大利亚)、 宋金奇、 阿依古丽

Meng Xiaosi cited Chen Kun, Czech Lily (Czech Republic), Kelly Miller (United States), Wang Zhaojun, Sarah Zhai (Germany), Zheng Lili (Australia), song Jinqi, ayguli

第3篇 人物篇〈31一30号)侯选名单:

Chapter 3 characters (No. 31-30)Candidate list:

乐坷、 乐迪、 乐明、 乐星、 乐崇 、乐镧 、乐乐生、 乐清 、乐潘、 乐英、 乐琼、 乐湘、 乐平、 乐灵、 乐斌、 乐娜 、乐军、 乐海等)

Le Ke Le Di Le Ming Le Xing Le Chong Le La Le Le Sheng Le Qing Le pan Le Ying Le Qiong Le Xiang Le Ping Le Ling Le bin Le Na Le Jun Le Hai , etc.)



The editorial board will also select the fourth batch of performers from the applicants. The recruitment notice is as follows:


All members of the United Nations General Association of jianyimei cultural industry (UNB) and the World Federation of cultural and art circles can apply to participate in the online drama let love go home. The way of participation is to compile personal artistic life into scripts or videos, which are collected and sorted by the crew. Finally, they are edited into the online drama, which is jointly published by UNB and the World Federation of cultural and art circles and promoted at home and abroad.


☆ after the good news was sent out, members paid extensive attention and asked how to participate. Due to the large number of members of the Federation of literary and art circles, the crew committee gave priority to comrades with membership cards and initiated the way of registration and continuous selection of performers.

▽第 4 批报名接龙报名:

▽ the 4th batch of continuous registration:


20: Le Dan (Wang Danping: Chairman of Andersen's Federation)


21: Lesheng (Wang Jinsheng: President of Beijing Children's Opera Association)

22 :乐镧(罗兰:华服学院院长)

22: Le La (Roland: Dean of Huafu College)

23 :乐墨(夏墨彦:著名诗人 )

23: Le mo (Xia Moyan: a famous poet)

24:乐敬(管敬革 总监书画家)

24: Le Jing (director of Guan Jingge, calligrapher and painter)

25:乐令(曾令旗:国际旅游小姐大赛 主席)

25: Leling (Zeng Lingqi: Chairman of Miss International Tourism Competition)

26:乐连(林连友 华人卫视 总制片,台长)

26: Le Lian (Lin Lianyou, chief producer and director of Chinese satellite TV)


27: Le Hui (Hu Huili), vice president of Asia Music Association


28: Le Hong (vice chairman of Xi Hongli Promotion Association)

29 :乐鹏 〈刘鹏 亚洲收藏协秘书长)

29: Le Peng (Liu Peng, Secretary General of Asian Collection Association)


30:Sarah Zhai (executive vice president of the European Sound Association)




Registration Tel.: 18610766399


Website: sslg33.com World Federation of literary and art elite network


Contact: Mr. Le Xiaolou



△ in the film, the composer Mr. Luo huadang and a number of musicians personally composed music for the play, and completed more than 30 music works:


All singers and stars with certain strength can participate in singing (the crew makes professional accompaniment tapes for free). Solitaire registration:

1 王圣依 (演唱《快乐美业人》)

1 Wang Shengyi (singing "happy Meiye man")

2 谭邦兰(演唱《我的悄悄话想对你说》

2 Tan banglan (singing my whisper to you)

3 楼兰(青春酷毙帅》

3 Lou Lan (cool and handsome in youth)

4 黑玛丽娅《中国流行曲》

4 Black Maria, Chinese pop

5 李舒玉《情怀》

5 feelings by Li Shuyu

6 巴黎望月《大团圆》

6 Paris moon watching "Reunion"

7 王昭君(其实天很蓝)

7 Wang Zhaojun (in fact, the sky is very blue)

8 江琴(兰花)

8 jiangqin (orchid)

9 马丽娅芳(芭堤娅姑娘)

9 Malia Fang (pattia girl)

10 姚文军〈其实天很蓝)

10 Yao Wenjun (in fact, the sky is very blue)


11 Sara Zhai (to be determined)

12 张华敏(豌豆花)

12 Zhang Huamin (pea flower)




Registration conditions of Solitaire: he must be the first to third executive directors of the World Federation of literary and art circles or above. Those without professional titles can participate in the registration of solitaire after joining the association.



World Federation of literary and Art Film Association


Drama Committee of the film let love go home



附:网络剧《艺恋人故事之人物篇 世界300位名人传》第一章的10位艺术家风采

The 10 artists in the first chapter of the online drama "the characters of the art lover's story" the biography of 300 celebrities in the world "



Circumferential party


Zhou Xiangdang, the fourth batch of female pilots trained by new China, can undertake flight missions of four different aircraft types and has been repeatedly received by Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou and other party and state leaders. He has successively served as deputy director of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Minister of the armed forces, Secretary General of the national defense education officers and lecturers group, member of the Oriental forum, honorary chairman of the presidium of the World Federation of literary and art circles, etc.



Li Yuanhua


Li Yuanhua, national first-class actor of China Opera and dance theatre and vice president of folk song and Vocal Music Association, enjoys the special allowance of the State Council. He has successively served as a member of China Dramatists Association, a director of China Musicians Association, a member of China Opera Research Association, a visiting professor of China Conservatory of music, vice president of China national vocal music society, a member of the qualification examination for professionals of the Ministry of culture, a member of the Wenhua award of the Ministry of culture and a member of the star award of the Ministry of culture.


The actor of the second generation of "white haired woman" has successfully starred in more than ten large operas, such as white haired woman, Xiao erhei's marriage, Dou E's injustice, Honghu Red Guard, deep palace for the sea, Mingfeng and so on.



Zhang Yu (Australia)


Zhang Yu, the founder of Australian TV shows and Secretary General of the Sydney culture and Art Alliance of the World Federation of literary and art circles, has created "TV shows": the statue of the ninth five year plan, crossing the prosperous age of the Five Dynasties, Dunhuang in the desert, dreaming back to the Qin Dynasty, reproducing the purple ban, palace banquets, aristocrats, etc.. It has subverted the traditional t-tv shows. Now there are more than 30 national alliances. Welcome to join hands. Lifelong judges: tutor of body, etiquette and modeling, top ten charming people of Chinese cheongsam and image ambassador.



Niu Zhuo

牛卓(字卓伦),世界文联亚洲书画协会名誉主席;国家一级美术师,国礼书画家,当代杰出文艺工作者。2018德艺双馨终身成就书画家、 世界华人书画家协会副主席、中国CCTV新华国礼书画院副院长、中国新丝路国际书画院副院长、国际艺术巨匠齐白石第四代传人、中华非遗唐韵书画传承人、 香港文联美协、书协会员。

Niu Zhuo (Zhuolun), national first-class artist, national ceremony calligrapher and painter, honorary chairman of Asian calligraphy and Painting Association, and outstanding contemporary literary and artistic workers. In 2018, virtue and art will be a lifelong achievement calligrapher and painter, vice president of the World Association of Chinese Calligraphers and painters, vice president of China CCTV Xinhua Guoli calligraphy and painting academy, vice president of China New Silk Road International Calligraphy and painting academy, the fourth generation successor of international art giant Qi Baishi, inheritor of Tang Yun calligraphy and painting of Chinese intangible cultural heritage, member of Hong Kong Federation of Arts and artists and Calligraphy Association.



Zhu Yueqiao


Zhu Yueqiao, vice chairman of the Organizing Committee of the global cheongsam Spring Festival Gala, chairman of Beijing Yueqiao oriental culture media, and executive chairman of the Asian cheongsam Clothing Culture Association.



Jiang Lili


Jiang Lili, China's one belt, one road China Cultural Heritage Development Alliance chairman of the United Nations honorary chairman of the Federation of cultural industries of the Federation of Arts and culture, member of the China Writers Association, the Department of performance of the north academy of photography, the chairman of the CPPCC National Committee member and the honorary chairman of the Asian Dancer Association.



Gan Huimei (Malaysia)

甘慧美,世界文联亚洲书画家协会副主席,马来西亚水墨画与西洋画家讚美创意艺术坊创办人.马来西亚大红花企业文化海外顾问、马来西亚牡丹大使(中国洛阳) ,作品获得马来西亚与多国企业家及私人界收藏。 (国内展览记录)多次举办国内个展及文化与慈善联展。

Gan Huimei, painter, Malaysian ink painting and Western painter, founder of creative art workshop, overseas consultant of Malaysian dahonghua corporate culture and Malaysian peony Ambassador (Luoyang, China). Her works have been collected by entrepreneurs and private circles in Malaysia and many countries. (domestic exhibition records) she has held domestic solo exhibitions and joint exhibitions of culture and charity for many times.


舒耀暄    电影表演艺术家

Shu yaoxuan


Shu yaoyu is an actor from mainland China. Representative works include the great cause of Party building, Fire King Kong, the military team behind the enemy, iron tooth and copper tooth Ji Xiaolan, etc.



Zhang Huamin


Zhang Huamin, a famous soprano, is now a national first-class actor of the song and dance troupe of the Second Artillery Corps of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, a member of the Chinese Musicians Association, a member of the Chinese minority vocal music society, a special invited actor of CCTV, a member of the all China Youth Federation and a member of the Beijing Youth Federation. The music and TV works of 11 classic folk songs in Northern Shaanxi, such as Shandan blooming red, orchid and walking to the west, give people a pleasant mountain breeze.



Tan banglan

谭邦兰,联合国UNB组织世界文联秘书长, 中华全国工商联美容化妆品业商会美胸专业委员会主任、 重庆市科妍基因生物工程有限公司 董事长、 跨界原创音乐人、国际旅游文化小姐大赛、环球小姐大赛专家评委、 CCTV2018五一国际劳动节群星文艺汇演颁奖盛典执行导演、 CCTV2018新春原创音乐会颁奖嘉宾、 2018首届中国美业电视春晚常务副主席、 中国演艺界春晚最佳原创音乐奖得主。

Tan Banglan, Secretary General of the World Federation of literary and art circles, China China cosmetic think tank expert, President of Chongqing beauty salon industry association, China's "Pink Ribbon" breast cancer promotion public welfare activities, first National People's Congress, China National Federation of Commerce and industry beauty cosmetics industry association director of breast Specialized Committee, Chongqing Ke Yan gene Biotechnology Engineering Co., Ltd. chairman, Shanshan Lange (Chongqing) Chairman of Cultural Development Co., Ltd., cross-border original musicians, expert judges of Miss international tourism culture competition and Miss Universe competition, executive director of cctv2018 May 1 International Labor Day Star art show award ceremony, award guests of cctv2018 Spring Festival original concert, executive vice chairman of the first China American TV Spring Festival Gala in 2018 Winner of the best original music award in the Chinese Performing Arts Spring Festival Gala.







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