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第343号  李元华

No.343  Li Yuanhua




"The north wind blows, the snowflake floats..." when the familiar melody rings in your ear, whose figure will appear in your mind···


As a pillar of China Opera and dance theater, Li Yuanhua, who has successfully played the opera white haired girl (the second generation), Jiang Jie and Liu Hulan, has always been a "steel throat and iron voice" singing with the soul, and an "Oriental Nightingale" in the world's cultural and Art Circles.



National first-class actor of China Opera and dance theater, vice president of folk song Vocal Music Association, enjoying special allowance of the State Council. He has successively served as a member of China Dramatist Association, director of China Musicians Association, member of China Opera Research Association, visiting professor of China Conservatory of music, vice president of China National Vocal Music Association, member of the qualification examination committee for professionals of the Ministry of culture, judge of the cultural China Award of the Ministry of culture, and judge of the group star award of the Ministry of culture.



He was once a member of the all China Federation of literary and art, all China Youth Federation, member of Beijing Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, director of China Musicians Association, vice chairman of China National Vocal Music Association, vice chairman of China Social Art Association, art consultant of China Poetry Association, central member of China Democratic Promotion Association, vice chairman of the literature and Art Committee, and judge of "Wenhua Award" and "Stars Award" of the highest award of the government of the Ministry of culture.



Li Yuanhua was born in Shanghai on March 19, 1947.


In 1959, he was admitted to the school of drama of Shanghai drama academy and majored in Beijing Opera and Kunqu Opera. He studied with Yan Huizhu, Yang wannong and Zhu Chuanming, the famous artists of Beijing Opera and Mei school. She has studied and performed dozens of traditional Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera, such as yutangchun, yuzefeng, Erjin palace, drunken concubine, horse vendor, garden dream, Wang Baochuan, etc., and Modern Peking Opera song of Longjiang, Shajiabang, red light, harbor, azalea mountain, etc.



In 1970, Li Yuanhua successfully created the image of League branch secretary a Lian and Jiang Shuiying on the stage in the movie "Ode to the Dragon River", which was widely known and loved by the public. She has successfully starred in more than ten large operas, such as "white haired girl", "little erhei married", "Dou'e yuan", "Honghu Red Guards", "deep palace to sea", "Ming Feng", etc.



Li Yuanhua's successful performance on the opera stage gratified the old artists, who said that the opera business had a successor! As the performer of the second generation of "white haired women", Li Yuanhua's profound innovation in art education integrates the traditional opera performance art and modern performance concept, and vividly demonstrates different characters.



She starred in Xie Guilan in the award-winning musical feature film "Beidou" and sang more than ten northern Shaanxi folk songs, such as "walking to the west". At that time, there was an upsurge of northwest wind in the singing world. She acted as the heroine Yang Guifei in the TV series Tianbao anecdote. She has won the first prize of the national opera performance, the first prize of various artistic performances and the award of excellent actor for many times. Known as the "Nightingale of the East" by the French cultural and artistic circles



Beijing Opera in ancient costume:


"Women's Liberation", "yutangchun", "yuzefeng", "Erjin Palace", "drunken Concubine", "Ganlu Temple", "Sanniang Godson", "Mu Guiying's commander in chief", "cailoupei", "three claps", "wujiapo", "Zhaojun going out of the fortress", "mother and daughter's meeting", "Dadeng Palace", "horse peddler's tale", "garden dream", etc



Modern Peking Opera:


"Ode to the Dragon River", "Shajiabang", "harbor", "azalea mountain", "wisdom of Weihu mountain", "red light", "review chair", "send fertilizer", "small custody" and other plays all play the heroine.





"Brothers and sisters open wasteland", "husband and wife literacy", "white haired girl", "Jiang Jie", "Dou E yuan", "Xiaoerhei marriage", "Honghu Red Guard", "deep palace to sea", "Fengming", etc.





Musical story film "Big Dipper" as heroine Xie Guilan (won excellent film award)


A Lian, Secretary of the acting group branch of the Modern Peking Opera "Ode to the Dragon River"


TV series "Tianbao anecdote" as heroine Yang Guifei



In 1966, Li Yuanhua graduated from Shanghai Opera School, majoring in Qingyi of Mei School of Peking Opera, with a minor in Kunqu Opera. He studied with Yang wannong, Yan Huizhu and Zhu Chuanming, the famous Qingyi of Mei school;


In 1967, he was transferred to the drama group of "Ode to the Dragon River" of Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe as the main actor;


In 1977, he was transferred to China Opera and dance theater as the main actor.



In 1994, Li Yuanhua was awarded as an excellent expert by the Ministry of culture of the State Council. She has won the first prize of national opera performance, excellent actor award and special award for many times. He once visited with Chinese artists delegation and Chinese youth delegation, and was honored as "Oriental Nightingale" at the world art festival in France.


In December 1998, he served as the head of the artists' troupe of China Federation of literary and art circles.



Since 2014, he has served as honorary chairman of the presidium of the World Federation of cultural and art circles.


In November 2019, Mr. Li Yuanhua was interviewed by the reporter of China Talent semimonthly. Mr. Li said: "now it seems that the greatest happiness of a person in his old age does not lie in the material enjoyment without worry about food and clothing, but in this stage, he can still maintain the enthusiasm of youth, continue to serve the society with his profession and wisdom, and be welcomed by people."



Mr. Li has practiced his lofty mission of serving the society and the people with practical actions. He is young, strong and courageous. Live teaching on the online live broadcast platform, explaining "the performing art of singing" to the majority of music and art lovers, the topic embodies the valuable experience and wisdom of Mr. Li, which is precious, admirable, and worth cherishing!


2020年 6月24日,被评为世界文化艺术界联合会“每日一星”评选活动的“文明和谐星”。

On June 24, 2020, it was rated as "civilization and harmony star" in the "one star a day" selection activity of the World Federation of cultural and art circles.


On September 1, 2021, Li Yuanhua won the first place in the selection of "one star of the day" in the world list of cultural artists, and won the title for the second time.


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