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第323号  胡  珂

No. 323  Hu Ke




Hu Ke, formerly known as Hu Shengpu, was a member of the democratic revolution.


China China Academy of management sciences one senior researcher, one belt, one road international business association, the Thailand International Association for promoting Gambia, the executive director of the Thailand International Competition Promotion Committee, the CCTV kitchen King competition, and the "national model of 51 industries" in 2019, and the leader of the new era in 2019.



President of national Hu's Entrepreneur Club, President of Chongqing characteristic breeding Federation, vice president of Chongqing Health Industry Research and Development Promotion Association


He is the founder of China Women's bond, the founder of shishangtianxia, the founder of chijihui, the chairman of the board of directors of Singapore ocean pearl holding group, the chairman of the board of directors of Chongqing impression Chongqing net, the chairman of the board of directors of Chongqing mangong industry, and the chairman of Chongqing Wanjia fusion.



文化大革命时期,社会动荡。1974年1月,全国开展“批林批孔”运动。毛泽东批准开展“批林批孔”运动,不仅因为林彪私下推崇过孔孟之道,而且是要借宣传历史上法家坚持变革、批判儒家反对变革来维护“文化大革命”。 “四人帮”利用“批林批孔”把矛头指向周恩来等老一辈革命家。10月15日,胡珂出生于重庆市。

During the cultural revolution, the society was in turmoil. In January 1974, the whole country launched the campaign of "criticizing forestry and Confucius". Mao Zedong approved the campaign of "criticizing Lin and Confucius" not only because Lin Biao privately praised the way of Confucius and Mencius, but also because he wanted to uphold the "Cultural Revolution" by publicizing the Legalists' insistence on change and criticizing Confucianism's opposition to change in history“ The gang of four used "criticizing Lin and Confucius" to point at Zhou Enlai and other revolutionaries of the older generation. Hu Ke was born in Chongqing on October 15.



The family hopes that Hu Ke can become a person who makes contributions to the party and the country, and strive to create educational conditions to cultivate him into a kind-hearted, sincere and honest young man with upright character and strong enterprising spirit.



Hu Ke studied poetry, talked about current affairs, paid attention to ideals, and could constantly improve his living conditions with his own practical actions. He was a pragmatic and creative young man with ambition. In order to realize the lofty ideal, he resolutely joined the revolution.




中国国民党革命委员会(The Revolutionary Committee Of The Chinese Kuomintang)简称民革,成立于1948年,是中华人民共和国现有的民主党派之一,由中国国民党民主派李济深、宋庆龄、何香凝、谭平山等人和其他爱国民主人士创建,主要由国共内战时的中国国民党左派及其后裔组成,与现时在台湾的中国国民党已无任何关系。后来许多国民党籍的倒戈将领和被俘释放的军政人员加入。

The Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang, founded in 1948, is one of the existing democratic parties in the people's Republic of China. It was founded by Li Jishen, Song Qingling, He Xiangning, Tan Pingshan and other patriots, It is mainly composed of the left wing of the Chinese Kuomintang and its descendants during the civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of China, and has nothing to do with the present Chinese Kuomintang in Taiwan. Later, many Kuomintang defected generals and captured and released military and political personnel joined in.



It is a political party with the nature of political alliance and committed to building socialism with Chinese characteristics and the cause of China's reunification. It is a participating party in the system of multi-party cooperation and political consultation under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. By the end of 2012, there were about 102000 party members. Most of them are former Kuomintang members or their children and relatives who remain in Chinese mainland.


On July 12, 2021, Hu Ke joined the United Nations Federation of health, arts and culture industries as the chief executive officer of the operation center.






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