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According to Agence France Presse on June 8 local time, French President Nicolas macarone was slapped by a man when he visited drme province. After the incident, the police arrested two 28 year old men involved in the incident. The reason for their attack on makelong is unknown, but some French media said that the two men were related to the "yellow vest" movement.


In response to the attack, makron said he thought it was an "isolated incident" and would not stop meeting with the public. Different forces in the French political circles unanimously expressed their support for makeron. Next April, the next election will be held in France. Mr. makron is currently on a "tour around France" to win the support of the people.


On the 8th, after visiting a vocational and technical school in Delong Province, makron trotted to the crowd behind the railings, ready to shake hands. Just then, the accident happened.


When Ma Kelong walks to a citizen in green clothes and shakes hands with him, the man suddenly reaches out his right hand and pats Ma Kelong in the face.


Security personnel rushed at the man and took makron away from the crowd.

法新社提到,这名男子掌掴马克龙时,喊了两句口号。其中一句是:“蒙茹瓦,圣德尼!(Montjoie Saint Denis)”这句口号最早来自1214年法国对抗神圣罗马帝国的布汶战役,但至今已延伸为法国保皇党的口号。

Agence France Presse said that when the man slapped Ma Kelong, he yelled two slogans. One of them said, "monjova, Saint Denis( The slogan "Montjoie Saint Denis" first came from the battle of bouvin in 1214, but it has been extended to the slogan of the French royalist party.

另外一句是“打倒马克龙主义”( bas la macronie)。这也是法国媒体在批评马克龙的执政时,常用的一个词。

The other is "bas La macronie.". This is also a word commonly used by the French media when criticizing the ruling of Marcon.


After the incident, French police said they had arrested the slapped man and his companions, both 28, on charges of "deliberate violence against public authorities". But the reason for the man's attack on makeron is unknown. But the media, including France's bfmtv TV station, reported that the two were "members of the yellow vest movement.".

马克龙随后则在接受《道芬自由报》(Le Dauphiné Libéré)时,回应了遭掌掴一事。他表示:“我现在很好。我们必须正确看待这个我认为是孤立的事件。我们不要让孤立事件,极端暴力的个人,主导公众的讨论。这些事并不值得。”

Makron then accepted Le Dauphin é Lib é r é) In response to being slapped. "I'm fine now," he says. We have to take a correct view of what I think is an isolated event. Let's not let isolated events, extremely violent individuals dominate public discussions. It's not worth it


He also said that such incidents would not prevent him from continuing to meet with the public during the visit and that he was "not worried at all.".


8日,马克龙与民众互动 东方IC图

On the 8th, makron interacted with the public

法国政界则近乎一致地表达了支持马克龙的态度,总理卡斯泰(Jean Castex)在国民议会上表示:“民主是辩论、对话、思想对抗和表达上的合法分歧,在任何情况下都不能是暴力、言语攻击,更不能是身体攻击。”

French political circles almost unanimously expressed their support for makeron. Prime Minister Jean CASTEX said in the National Assembly: "democracy is a legitimate difference in debate, dialogue, ideological confrontation and expression. Under no circumstances can it be violence, verbal attack, let alone physical attack."


Marina Le Pen, the leader of France's far right National Union, the main opponent of makeron's presidential election next year, tweeted that this (attack) is "an intolerable personal attack against the Republic" and should be "very, very strongly condemned".


Former president Hollande tweeted that the slap was "an unbearable blow to our system... The whole country must unite with the head of state."


Mei langxiong, the leader of the far left "unyielding French" party, changed his usual attitude of criticizing Marcon, saying that he and the president were "United.".


At present, less than one year is left before the French general election, and all parties are preparing for the election in full swing. Makron has started a "tour around France" since last week and plans to visit all parts of France. He said that this is to "feel the pulse of France" to revive the economy impacted by COVID-19 and prepare for his possible second term election campaign.


However, Le Pen had previously criticized makron for relying on his presidency to build momentum for the election.


According to the results of the Ifop poll released on April 18, makron's public opinion rating reached 37%, compared with 28% for the same period when Nicolas Sarkozy was president (2011) and 14% for Hollande (2016). At that time, Mr. Sarkozy failed in his bid for re-election, while Mr. Hollande gave up.


But Mr makron's popularity rating is lower than that of Mr Chirac and Mr Mitterrand at the same time. The year before Chirac and Mitterrand ran for re-election (2001 and 1987, respectively), their public support rate reached 56%.


At the end of 2018, influenced by the "yellow vest" protest, makron's support rate once hit a new low, only 27%, which was also regarded as the biggest challenge he faced since he took office. By 2019, the French public's support for the "yellow vest" protest has declined, which makes the support rate of makelong rebound and return to the level before the "yellow vest" movement in early February, 32%.


2018年,法国“黄背心”们举着P有马克龙脸的路易十六画像上街 资料图

In 2018, French "yellow vests" carry the portrait of Louis XVI with the face of macarone on the street


According to the current arrangement, the first round of voting for the new French presidential election will be held in April 2022. If no candidate obtains a majority in the first round of voting, the first two candidates with the leading votes will enter the second round.


A number of French politicians have planned to run. Among them are Le Pen, Mei langxiong and Russell, the National Secretary of the French Communist Party.

除了长期影响法国政局的“黄马甲”运动外,马克龙政府还面临着较为激烈的宗教和族群矛盾。5月9日晚,一群现役军人在法国极右翼媒体《现实价值》(Valeurs Actuelles)杂志上致信马克龙,警告说在他对伊斯兰主义作出所有“让步”之后,法国又在酝酿着一场“内战”,“你深知这一点”。信中还对政府官员的惩罚威胁予以回击,并抨击说政府在“践踏”退伍军人的名誉。

In addition to the "yellow vest" movement, which has long influenced the French political situation, the makelong government is also facing more intense religious and ethnic conflicts. On the evening of May 9, a group of active servicemen wrote a letter to makeron in the French far right media "values facts" magazine, warning that after he made all "concessions" to Islamism, France was brewing another "civil war" and "you know that". The letter also countered the threat of punishment from government officials and attacked the government for "trampling" on the reputation of veterans.


One year before the next French presidential election, disputes in the security fields such as immigration, terrorist attacks and suburban riots have intensified again. At present, 86% of the French say they will make the security issue the main voting indicator in next year's general election.




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