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第221号  龚玥菲

No. 221 Gong Yuefei




Candy Gong is an actress, model and singer in mainland China.


Born in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province on September 19, 1987, Gong Yuefei has been attracting the attention of netizens since her debut, but also controversial.



Gong Yuefei has a good figure in the entertainment industry. She is proud of her height and standard weight. She is known as "angel face, devil body". Although many people have doubted that her figure is not born but made by human beings, this does not affect her dream of becoming a star.



Whether it's Pan Jinlian who is weak and boneless in the new golden lotus, or the charming girl next door who rides on a rhubarb duck, or the charming snake spirit in the White Snake, people can't help it. She has a sweet voice and mellow voice line, which can not only challenge the passion of high voice singing, but also be a master in the transformation of voice. In the song "green Fox", Gong Yuefei gives full play to her voice line characteristics, playing high voice, moistening low voice, showing her talent with ease.



In December 2012, he took part in the costume static film "new Jin Ping Mei", thus officially entering the performing arts circle.

2013年4月,发布个人单曲《漂亮女人》,曲风充满了清新明快的元素 。7月,作为评委出席“南方超级汽车模特大赛”总决赛;同月,在福建厦门举办“诺亚·金樽”个人演唱会。8月,与张瀚元合作主演的古装静态电影《新金瓶梅3D》上映,在片中饰演命运多舛的婢女潘金莲 ,并为电影演唱了主题曲《寻找西门庆》。11月,出演由崔锡珉执导的轻喜剧片《女神联盟》。12月,发布翻唱单曲《狐狸叫》。

In April 2013, he released his single beautiful woman, which is full of fresh and bright elements. In July, he attended the finals of the "Southern super car model competition" as a judge; in the same month, he held the "Noah golden cup" solo concert in Xiamen, Fujian Province. In August, the costume static film "new Jin Ping Mei 3D" co starred with Zhang Hanyuan was released, in which Pan Jinlian, the ill fated maid, was played, and the theme song "looking for Ximen Qing" was sung for the film. In November, he appeared in the light comedy "goddess alliance" directed by Cui Ximin. In December, he released the cover single "the fox barks".



In May 2014, he released his single "falling in love with Du Minjun", which sang the love declaration of urban white-collar women. In July, he released his single "havoc in heaven", which integrates Chinese classical percussion instruments. In September, he held a solo concert in Chenzhou, Hunan; in the same month, he co starred with fan die and Zhou Hengyuan in the family love micro film "mother's wish", and worked as a producer and screenwriter for the first time.



In July 2015, she was the judge of the 55th Miss International Fujian regional finals and award presentation party.


In July 2016, he played in the youth love film "bad constellations' beauty" directed by an Shao. In October, the comedy thriller group B, CO starring Wang Baoqi and Cao Charlie, was released.



In January 2017, the horror love film "horror city" directed by azure was released, in which Gong Yuefei played Qin Su Su. In February, he released his single "green Fox". In April, he took part in the comedy "the League of goddesses". In September, the suspense action film "emergency rescue", CO starring Zhao Yijie and Zhou Yiyao, was released, in which she played the sexy bar owner. In October, the love comedy "mash the paste in the flower house" was released.


On February 18, 2021, he won the first prize in the selection of "star of the day" in the world cultural artists list.




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