Women are like flowers and dreams; If you use ancient poems to describe women, what poems can you think of? Or which one do you like best? The following poem Lane selected four of the most distinctive poems to share.



The peach is young and bright.

桃夭佚名 先秦桃之夭夭,灼灼其华。之子于归,宜其室家。桃之夭夭,有蕡其实。之子于归,宜其家室。桃之夭夭,其叶蓁蓁。之子于归,宜其家人。

Taoyao is unknown. The Taoyao in the pre Qin Dynasty is brilliant. When a son returns home, he should have his room and home. There is a truth to the premature peach. It is appropriate for a son to return to his family. The peach is young, and its leaves are pastor. When a son returns home, it is better for his family.


"Tao yao" is one of the most famous poems in the book of songs, and the most striking sentence in this poem is "the premature peach, burning its brilliance".


The word "Yao Yao" can be understood as gorgeous and lush, or as tall and graceful; It represents vitality and vigor, but also interprets beauty and brilliance. It is matched with "burning its brilliance", and accurately describes the bright appearance of a flower like woman.


This poem carries out a series of presentation and rendering, and the "book of songs style" of repeated chapters and sentences makes the whole poem catchy. The beauty of women in the author's works is also naturally added to the readers' senses and hearts, and has become a famous article describing and singing beauty in previous dynasties.




Spring breeze ten miles Yangzhou Road, roll bead curtain is not as good as;


Two farewell songs, Tang Du Mu, are presented. 


They are more than thirteen, and the tip of Cardamom is at the beginning of February. Spring breeze ten miles Yangzhou Road, roll bead curtain is not as good as.


This poem was written by Du Mu for a Geisha. Yangzhou is not only beautiful, but also rich in beautiful women. In ancient times, I don't know how many romantic children were drunk on this "Ten Mile Yangzhou road".


But in Du Mu's mind, all the red sleeves under the "bead curtain" are not as beautiful as the little beauty in his pen. She is "Ping Ping curling", as beautiful as the budding flowers in February.


The language of this poem is simple, in which the contrast technique is used to set off the characters, which is unconventional and free and easy. This is how the famous work came into being.




The lotus leaf skirt is cut in one color, and the hibiscus opens to both sides of the face.

采莲曲二首唐 · 王昌龄    荷叶罗裙一色裁,芙蓉向脸两边开。乱入池中看不见,闻歌始觉有人来。

Two lotus picking songs Tang Wang Changling's lotus leaf Luo skirt is cut in one color, and the hibiscus opens to both sides of his face. I couldn't see it when I entered the pool. I felt someone coming when I heard the song.


Wang Changling's poem has returned to the "folk", full of the style of folk poetry, fresh and natural, simple and non Chinese.


The beauty described by the author and the lotus set off each other. It is as beautiful as a lotus without carving, but it is charming enough.


This poem does not describe the characters in a positive way, but enriches the characters through the profile of lotus leaves, lotus flowers and sounds.


The girl and the lotus constitute a vivid "Lotus picking picture", which is full of reverie and reflects the author's superior artistic conception ability.




The eye wave was guessed.

浣溪沙·闺情宋 · 李清照    绣面芙蓉一笑开。斜飞宝鸭衬香腮。眼波才动被人猜。一面风情深有韵,半笺娇恨寄幽怀。月移花影约重来。

Huanxisha, boudoir song, Li Qingzhao, embroidered hibiscus and smiled. Oblique flying duck lined with fragrant gills. The eye wave was guessed. One side of the wind has deep love and rhyme, and half of the paper is charming and hates sending secluded feelings. The moon moves and the shadow of flowers is about to come again.


This poem belongs to Li Qingzhao's early works. It mainly describes the beauty of women and the scenes related to trysts with their sweetheart.


Among them, "embroidered lotus smiles" is somewhat similar to Wang Changling's sentence above. They all borrow lotus to set off the beauty of women“ This sentence is particularly vivid. It contains two perspectives: dynamic and psychological. It reflects the woman's joy, contradiction and shyness, so that her playful and moving image can be clearly recognized by readers.


The description of Li Qingzhao's poem is exquisite and vivid, which gives full play to the advantages of "women know women", avoids the style of general graceful words in terms of word selection and sentence making, and perfectly interprets a "little beauty" exclusive to women.


Now looking back at the above four poems, there is a shadow of "flowers" in each one. It can be seen that flowers are an image that can best represent women's charm; May every kind and lovely woman not only have the face like flowers, but also have the temperament and spirit like flowers; Beautiful as you, the spring breeze is not negative!



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