The China Film Museum is located in Nangao Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing. You can take bus 688 from the South Gate of tulip hot spring.

中国电影博物馆的建筑外观不仅气势宏伟,而且充满了独特的艺术特色。在主体建筑的前方,巨大的银幕与广场上- -道断续的斜墙构成了形如咔打板的平面组合。建筑采用黑色作为基础色,并使用镂空图案的金属板作为外层装饰,为这座光影的殿堂蒙上了神秘的面纱。在统一、中性的色背景上,四个立面根据建筑的内部公共空间的位置分别开辟一片 大型彩色玻璃面。

The architectural appearance of China Film Museum is not only magnificent, but also full of unique artistic features. In front of the main building, the huge screen and the intermittent inclined wall on the square form a plane combination, which is shaped like a batting board. Black is used as the basic color of the building, and the metal plate with hollow pattern is used as the outer decoration, which casts a mysterious veil on the hall of light and shadow. In unity and harmony On the color background, the four facades open up a large colored glass surface according to the location of the internal public space of the building.

中国电影博物馆占地65亩,建筑面积近38000平方米, 展线长度2970米,其中涉及电影1500余部、图片4300余张、介绍电影工作者450多位。

The China Film Museum covers an area of 65 mu, with a construction area of nearly 38000 square meters. The exhibition line is 2970 meters long, involving more than 1500 films, more than 4300 pictures and more than 450 film workers.

博览区位于中国电影博物馆的四层,由“电影拍摄”、“电影美术”、 “电影特殊摄影”、“传统电影特技”、“数字特技”、 “电影录音”、“电影剪辑”、“电影洗印”、“电影动画”、 “形形色色的电影”等+个展厅组成。

Located on the fourth floor of China Film Museum, the exhibition area is composed of + exhibition halls of "film shooting", "film art", "special film photography", "traditional film special effects", "digital special effects", "film recording", "film editing", "film development and printing", "film animation" and "all kinds of films".


There are two parts for me to stop and have a close look. One is the desk work done by contemporary film actor Wang Tiecheng when he played Zhou Enlai. The manuscript records his pursuit and thinking of art.


Through the glass cover, I recorded some of his artistic creation experiences


Lifeless art is dead art, dead art is only for offering sacrifices to ghosts and gods;


Art without rhyme is withered art. Withered art is only equipped with decorative curtain wall;


Art without interest is stereotyped art, which only decorates temples;


Art without taste is shallow art, which can only be entertained.


The eye is a body, and the essence of itself is not its achievements. The so-called: "the spirit of the Hadu also."


As for the artistic expression of film, I see the introduction of the artistic expression of film here


Parallel montage: two or more plot lines from different time and space (or different places at the same time) parallel performance of separate narrative, and unified in a complete structure.


Cross Montage: cross cutting two kinds of actions in different time and space (it can be called cross narration in writing) to form a tense atmosphere and a strong sense of rhythm, resulting in a thrilling dramatic effect.


Contrast Montage: through the lens or scenes in the content (rich and poor, bitterness, life and death, noble and lowly, victory and defeat, etc.) or form a contrast.


Psychological Montage: memory, illusion, dream, reverie, thinking and other activities.


Associative Montage: the juxtaposition of one specific thing with another to express a certain meaning of this thing.


Symbolic Montage: to use a specific image to symbolize the profound meaning of specific people and things.


Metaphor Montage: using the lens to imply the theme of the film and the ideological activities of the characters.


Looking at the above montage techniques, I think that they can also be applied in literary works. In fact, these techniques are evolved from literary techniques. No matter what artistic creation you are engaged in, literary creation should be the primary basis.


The film museum should be visited again, because it not only records the development of Chinese films, but also shows the development direction of world science and technology in the future. Another reason is that it is very close to the company where I work.

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