原创抗 疫 优秀音乐作品《千万个你》展播



Song background:


At the beginning of 2021, in the face of the outbreak again, thousands of volunteers and medical staff in Jilin Province were wearing war robes to protect their hometown. They strictly checked and controlled the situation. They were not afraid of the frost. They were loyal to the mission and shouldered the responsibility. Finally, they won a phased victory in the fight against the epidemic. They united as one and united as one to form "thousands of you".



Songyuan municipal Party committee of the Communist Youth League of Jilin Province launched its original work with the theme of "the most beautiful song for volunteers" - the song "tens of millions of you" is composed by ci writer Chang Xiaoming, youth song writer Fan Yu, and sung by young singers Qiao Bingran and Yang Yushi. It is jointly produced by Songyuan municipal Party committee of the Communist Youth League and Songyuan Jiayin Cultural Media Co., Ltd. we will certainly move forward in rain or shine, In this hot land, watch the party flag flying high, pay tribute to the volunteers fighting in the front line of anti epidemic, you are the most lovely people in the new era!



Lyrics appreciation:


Thousands of you


Lyrics: Chang Xiaoming

作曲:樊 峪

Composition: Fanyu Township


Singing: Qiao Bingran, Yang Yushi


On the vast Songnen Plain


There is a place where the three rivers meet


This beautiful and harmonious new city


The chant of Chagan Lake flows day and night


In the winter of danger


You have no silence and no hiding


Don't protect your hometown with your relatives and friends

忠心系使命 铁肩扛担当

Loyalty is the mission, iron shoulder to bear


You're going against the wind


You are not afraid of frost


For the people's health and love


Your faith is like a rock


Your figure is the most beautiful scenery in urban and rural areas


Your eyes are the brightest sunshine in the dark night


You're going against the wind


You are not afraid of frost


For the people's health and love


Your faith is like a rock

平凡英雄 不论出处

Ordinary heroes no matter where they come from

五指攥紧 斗志昂扬

Five fingers clenched, fighting high spirited

无名战士 驰骋疆场

Unknown soldiers gallop on the battlefield

众人抱薪 烈焰万丈

Everyone is in high spirits


Thousands of you


The iron arm and copper wall


Thousands of you


In this clear sky, the oath is sonorous


Thousands of you


Cast a great power of unity


Watching the party flag flying in this hot land


Look at the party flag flying high in this hot land





Lyrics: Chang Xiaoming


Chang Xiaoming, female, born after 70. He is a member of Chinese Dramatists Association and Jilin Writers Association. Editor of Songyuan prose. The drama sketch "often go home to see" won the Chinese Cao Yu Drama Award. The story of the cavalry regiment, a large-scale Pingju opera co operated with others, won the excellent Drama Award of the national Pingju competition in 2006. He published a number of plays, essays and poems in the country, province, city and county. Published his personal anthology butterfly dream.



Composition: Fanyu


Fan Yu, a young songwriter, composer and producer of pop music, graduated from Jilin University with a bachelor's degree. He is a graduate student of the Conservatory of music of Jilin art college. He once served as the head of IOF original music of Jilin University. He won the excellent award of truth music competition and the first prize of computer music group of China computer design competition. He once planned the "Ji youth" original music competition and "after tomorrow" graduation music competition He has been the chief director and music director of many large-scale parties, and has been the original representative works of snow, little star, Luodian, etc.



Singing: Qiao Bingran

乔炳然、青年歌唱演员、吉林艺术学院声乐表演专业、文旅部中国传统文化促进会青年歌唱家学术委员会会员、吉林省音乐家协会会员、吉林艺术学院创新艺术人才,曾与国内外Maria Lyudko、Delfo Menicucci、等众多著名艺术家学术交流展演、原创代表作《母爱润我心》《向灾逆行 与爱同行》《武汉加油 中国加油》《白衣执甲》《祖国,我为你歌唱》等,其中《白衣执甲》荣获吉林省原创抗疫优秀作品,荣获中国电影电视艺术家协会颁发证书、风雨同歌——中国原创抗疫作品优秀展及中国原创抗疫作品征集典藏,并在吉林省图书馆、湖北省电视台播出等

Qiao Bingran, young singer, vocal performance major of Jilin art college, member of Academic Committee of young singers of Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion Association of culture and Tourism Department, member of Jilin Musicians Association, innovative art talent of Jilin art college, has worked with Maria lyudko and Delfo at home and abroad Menicucci, and many other famous artists' academic exchanges and performances, and their original representative works "mother's love moistens my heart", "go with love", "come on from Wuhan", "come on from China", "Bai Yi Zhi Jia", "motherland, I sing for you", etc. among them, "Bai Yi Zhi Jia" won the original excellent anti epidemic work of Jilin Province, the certificate issued by China Film and Television Artists Association, and the wind and rain song—— Excellent exhibition of Chinese original anti epidemic works and collection of Chinese original anti epidemic works were broadcast in Jilin Provincial Library and Hubei Provincial TV station



Singing: Yang Yushi

杨雨诗 ,青年歌唱演员,哈尔滨音乐学院,吉林省青年音乐家协会会员,师从于女高音歌唱家王庆辉教授,曾获“黑龙江省音乐大赛”民族唱法三等奖,“第六届全国高等艺术院校声乐展演”民族唱法优秀奖,曾多次在哈尔滨老会堂音乐厅“哈音时间”、哈尔滨音乐学院“周末音乐会”展演并参加十数场“哈尔滨之夏”音乐会、2019年12月4日在高雅艺术进校园“抗联纪念晚会”上演唱哈尔滨音乐学院原创歌曲《铭刻》2020年年初为松原市录制抗疫原创歌曲MV《武汉加油,中国加油》等工作。

Yang Yu's Poems Young singer, Harbin Conservatory of music, member of Jilin Young Musicians Association, under the guidance of soprano Professor Wang Qinghui, has won the third prize of national singing method in "Heilongjiang Province music competition", the excellent national singing method award in "the sixth national vocal music performance of higher art colleges", and has been in Harbin old hall concert hall "Ha Yin time" and Harbin Conservatory of music for many times "Weekend concert" shows and participates in more than ten "Harbin summer" concerts, sings the original song "inscription" of Harbin Conservatory of music at the "Anti Japanese union Memorial party" of elegant art entering campus on December 4, 2019, and records the original anti epidemic song MV "come on Wuhan, come on China" for Songyuan City in early 2020.



Creative experience:




Q: Hello, Mr. Fan Yu. It's a great honor for you to be interviewed by the Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League in your busy schedule. How was this original song "tens of millions of you" born?


A: "ten million of you" is a song that my good friend Mr. Qiao Bingran called together our young artists to write for Songyuan volunteers. Bingran has great love and selfless dedication. I am deeply moved by his great love spirit. At the same time, I have always been a person who is keen on public welfare. We can start to create as soon as we hit it off.



Q: what steps did you go through in the process of creating songs? What is your inner thought when you receive the lyrics and start writing?


A: "ten million you" was first composed by ci writer Mr. Chang Xiaoming, and then I created the main melody. When I saw the lyrics for the first time, I was deeply moved by the content of the lyrics, "loyalty is the mission, iron shoulder to bear", "everyone's salary, flaming flame" and other lyrics made countless pictures flash in my mind, and the inspiration of composition also followed. It is worth mentioning that there are two themes in this song. The first theme is the paragraph "you strictly check and control against the wind", which mainly expresses the respect for the heroes in the front line of the Anti Japanese War, so the melody is also more lyrical; the second theme is the paragraph "tens of thousands of you, united into an iron arm and copper wall", which is in line with the content of the lyrics and the melody is also written It's more rhythmic and inspiring. After the creation of the main melody, I immediately produced a demo for the teachers of the creation team, and everyone's feedback was also unanimously accepted, so I immediately entered the production process of music arrangement.



Q: just now you talked about the production of music arrangement. What kind of music academic knowledge did you use in the process of music arrangement? Is it convenient to share with us?


A: the process of composing music is complicated. I have been composing music for 3-4 consecutive days. Apart from eating and sleeping, I spent all the rest of my time composing music. I finished the song day and night. The orchestration is mainly composed of four popular pieces and string music. In harmony, I also used 7-chord, 9-chord, hanging chord and out of tune chord to give the song rich emotion and color.



Q: we have learned from tens of millions of wechat groups of your creative team that since the creation, everyone has been working very hard, and they often work in tandem every day, working late into the night every day. Can you share with us the creative process or highlights of the staff in the creative team?


A: in the process of creation, I enjoy it very much. Every night, I can receive all kinds of surprises from tens of thousands of your creative teams. I sincerely thank the leaders of the Songyuan Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Mr. Wang Fan and Songyuan Jiayin Cultural Media Co., Ltd. for their strong support for my works and Mr. Chang Xiaoming's works. I still remember that night of recording and shooting was the most unforgettable one for me In other places, I couldn't go to the scene to supervise the studio in person. The working group always received the shooting trivia from teacher Qiao Bingran. In the video, I saw the wonderful singing of young singers Yang Yushi and Qiao Bingran, and I saw the shooting and recording of three teachers Yao Hailong, Yao Shuo and Liu Xinliang. I was really gratified and moved, and every staff member was not During the production of "ten million of you", Bing ran planned and supervised the whole process, and strictly controlled the handling of every detail of the work. Sometimes he had to watch a picture 10-20 times, and he was very attentive. I admire his professionalism. The belief sprouted in his heart is that our works must reach the top quality, so that the professionals and audiences can have an audio-visual feast Friends enter the song through the MV picture, so as to achieve the singing with emotion and sound. The work can leave a deep impression on the audience. The night before the release of the work, Bingran and the MV production teacher, Yao Hailong, carefully searched for the problem of the work and discussed it until midnight.


Q: today, tens of thousands of works of your creative team are officially released. Such a warm and heart shaking work is a great success. What are your feelings about it or what are your ardent hopes for this work?


A: in the process of creation, Ci writers, songwriters, recorders, mixers, photographers and scissors are the most lovely people in the new era. They forget to eat and sleep, work day and night, and make selfless contributions. It's an honor for the creative team to eulogize them. This song reposes my emotion and gives me more strength. I hope that the song "thousands of you" can be praised To gather tens of thousands of your heart, to fight for the epidemic!


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