《郑风·野有蔓草》 野有蔓草,零露漙兮。 有美一人,清扬婉兮。 邂逅相遇,适我愿兮。 野有蔓草,零露瀼瀼。 有美一人,婉如清扬。 邂逅相遇,与子偕臧。 金庸小说中“风清扬”、“木婉清”二人的名字也来源于此。

Zheng Feng: there are vines in the wild. There are vines in the wild. There is a beautiful girl, whose eyes is full of tenderness. It's my wish to meet by chance. Wild vines, zero dew. A beautiful person is as gentle as Qingyang. Meet by chance and go Zang with your son. The names of "fengqingyang" and "Mu Wanqing" in Jin Yong's novels also come from this.


《陈风·月出》 月出皎兮。佼人僚兮。舒窈纠兮。劳心悄兮。 月出皓兮。佼人懰兮。舒忧受兮。劳心慅兮。 月出照兮。佼人燎兮。舒夭绍兮。劳心惨兮。

Chen Feng: the moon rises. Outstanding staff. The gal with graceful figure and light footsteps. Work hard and quietly. The moon shines brightly. I'm a good man. Feel comfortable. I'm tired. The moon shines. The best people are burning. Shuyao Shaoxi. I'm so tired.

段誉也曾在月初东山对王语嫣吟唱这首曼妙的诗,可惜彼时王语嫣心中只有表哥慕容复。 宋玉在《登徒子好色赋》对东邻女的称道: 东家之子,增之一分则太长,减之一分则太短 ;著粉则太白,施朱则太赤;眉如翠羽,肌如白雪;腰如束素,齿如含贝;嫣然一笑,惑阳城,迷下蔡。

Duan Yu also sang this beautiful poem to Wang Yuyan in Dongshan at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, Wang Yuyan had only his cousin murongfu in her heart at that time. Song Yu praised Donglin's daughter in the lustful Fu of dengtuzi: for the son of his master, increasing one point is too long, and decreasing one point is too short; Powder is too white, Zhu is too red; Eyebrows like green feathers, muscles like snow; The waist is like a bundle of elements, and the teeth are like seashells; With a smile, he confused Yangcheng and fell in love with CAI.


增之一分则太长,减之一分则太短,这句话这《洛神赋》中被化用为“修短合度”。 宋玉的《神女赋》夫何神女之姣丽兮,含阴阳之渥饰。披华藻之可好兮,若翡翠之奋翼。其象无双,其美无极;毛嫱鄣袂,不足程式;西施掩面,比之无色。

An increase of one point is too long, and a decrease of one point is too short. This sentence has been used as "short fit" in Luoshen Fu. Song Yu's "goddess Fu" shows the beauty of the goddess, including the decoration of yin and Yang. How are you covered with algae? It's like the wings of emerald. Its image is unparalleled and its beauty is limitless; Mao zhangmei, lack of program; Xi Shi hides her face, which is colorless.

作为第一篇“美女赋”,《神女赋》中的“ 秾纤不短,纤不长”,“宛如游龙乘云翔”,“眉联娟以蛾扬兮,朱唇的其若丹”等词汇,成为后来的文人描写美女的常用词汇。 曹子健有感于《神女赋》而作《洛神赋》,其中描绘洛神的美貌:翩若惊鸿,婉若游龙”,“秾纤得中,修短合度”,“云髻峨峨,修眉联娟” ,“丹唇外朗,皓齿内鲜”,就活用了《神女赋》中的众多词汇。

As the first "beauty Fu", the words "the fiber is not short, the fiber is not long", "like a dragon flying in the clouds", "the eyebrow is beautiful with a moth, and the red lips are like Dan" in the goddess Fu have become the common words used by later scholars to describe beauty. Cao Zijian wrote Luoshen Fu, which describes the beauty of Luoshen: graceful as a startling Hong, gentle as a wandering dragon "," medium fiber, short fit "," cloud bun e e, Xiumei lianjuan "," bright red lips outside, bright teeth inside ", so he made flexible use of many words in shennv Fu.


文学史上许多作家,如杨修、张敏、 王粲、陈琳、江淹也曾写过《神女赋》,但还是宋玉的这篇流传最广、影响最大。 曹植在《洛神赋》中对宓妃的体态描写方面,取二者之所长,但描绘洛神的美貌更注重其动态美。(注:洛神,又名宓妃,中国远古时代神话传说中的女神,乃伏羲氏之女,因迷恋洛河两岸的美丽景色,降临人间,来到洛阳。)翩若惊鸿,婉若游龙,荣曜秋菊,华茂春松。仿佛兮若轻云之蔽月,飘颻兮若流风之回雪。远而望之,皎若太阳升朝霞;迫而察之,灼若芙蓉出渌波。 秾纤得中,修短合度。肩若削成,腰如约素。延颈秀项,皓质呈露。芳泽无加,铅华不御。云髻峨峨,修眉联娟。丹唇外朗,皓齿内鲜。明眸善睐,靥辅承权。瓌姿艳逸,仪静体闲。柔情绰态,媚于语言。奇服旷世,骨像应图。

Many writers in the history of literature, such as Yang Xiu, Zhang Min, Wang can, Chen Lin and Jiang Yan, have also written goddess Fu, but Song Yu's article is the most widely spread and influential. Cao Zhi takes advantage of the two in describing Mi Fei's body in Luoshen Fu, but pays more attention to the dynamic beauty in describing the beauty of Luoshen( Note: Luoshen, also known as Mi Fei, is the goddess in ancient Chinese myths and legends. She is the daughter of Fuxi. She came to Luoyang because she is infatuated with the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Luohe River.) It is as graceful as a startling goose, as graceful as a wandering dragon, as glorious as autumn chrysanthemum and as beautiful as huamaochunsong. It seems like a light cloud covering the moon, floating like the wind returning to snow. If you look at it from a distance, it is as bright as the sun and the morning glow; If you are forced to observe it, it will burn like lotus and produce other waves. The fiber is medium and the fit is short. If the shoulder is cut, the waist is like a promise. The neck is long and the neck is beautiful, and the bright quality is exposed. There is no increase in Fangze, and lead is irresistible. Yunji'e, Xiumei lianjuan. Red lips are bright outside and bright teeth are fresh inside. Bright eyes are fond of beauty, and dimples bear the right. It is graceful and leisurely. Soft and graceful, flattering language. Strange clothes, bone images should be shown.



Sima Xiangru and Zhang Heng also described the beauty of concubine MI in Shanglin Fu and Sixuan Fu respectively: if the husband is a disciple of concubine MI, he is very different from the common people, seduces Xiandu, and engraves beautiful makeup, which is graceful Fragrant retting depression, intense Shuyu; Bright teeth, suitable for laughing; With long eyebrows and beautiful eyes, you can see the beautiful girl in Taihua and call the MI concubine in Luopu. Xian Jiaoli is charming with insects, increasing her eyes and moth eyebrows. Shu Jing's slim waist, Yang miscellaneous wrong emblem. Smile away from your lips and leave your face bright.


《红楼梦》中描绘警幻仙子姝容的《警幻仙子赋》极其出彩。方离柳坞,乍出花房。但行处,鸟惊庭树;将到时,影度回廊。仙袂乍飘今,闻麝兰之馥郁;荷衣欲动今,听环佩之铿锵。届笑春桃今,云堆翠髻;唇绽樱颗今,榴齿含香。纤腰之楚楚兮,回风舞雪;珠翠之辉辉今。满额鹅黄。出没花问今,宜嗅宜喜;徘徊池上今。若飞若扬。蛾眉颦笑今,将言而未语; 莲步乍移今,待止而欲行。羡彼之良质今,冰清玉润;慕彼之华服今,闪灼文章。爱彼之貌容今,香培玉琢;美彼之态度今,凤翥龙翔。其素若何,春梅绽雪。其洁若何,秋菊披霜。其静若何,松生空谷。其艳若何,霞映澄塘。其文若何,龙游曲招。其神若何,月射寒江。应惭西子,实愧王嫱。奇矣哉,生于孰地,来自伺方?信矣乎,瑶池不二,紫府无双。果何人哉?如斯之美也。

In a dream of Red Mansions, the police Fantasy Fairy Fu, which depicts the police Fantasy Fairy Shu Rong, is extremely brilliant. Fang left Liuwu and left the flower house at first. But the birds startle the trees; At that time, shadow corridor. The fairy dress floats today, smelling the fragrance of musk orchid; Lotus clothes are ready to move. Now, listen to the clang of huanpei. This year's spring peaches are smiling, and the clouds are piled with green buns; The lips are full of cherry blossoms, and the durian teeth are fragrant. The slender waist is clear, and the wind is dancing snow; The splendor of pearls and emeralds today. Full of yellow. When flowers come and go, they should smell and rejoice; Wandering in the pool today. If fly, if Yang. Moth eyebrows smile this day, will speak but not speak; The lotus steps have moved from the present to the present. They want to do it when they stop. Envy the good quality of the other today, ice and jade; Admire the beautiful clothes of the other, and shine articles today. Love the other's appearance, today, xiangpeiyuzhuo; The attitude of the United States and the other is like a phoenix and a dragon. What is the element? Spring plum blossoms snow. How clean is it? Autumn chrysanthemum is covered with frost. How quiet is it? Pines produce empty valleys. How gorgeous is it? Xia Yingcheng pond. What's the text? Longyou quzhao. What is its God? The moon shoots at the Hanjiang River. You should be ashamed of Xizi, but you are ashamed of Wang Yi. Strange, born in which place, from the server? Believe it, yaochi is unique and Zifu is unparalleled. Who is it? So beautiful.



Qingcheng beauty in Li Yannian's song: there are beauties in the north. Peerless and independent. Look at the city. Take care of the country again. This poem does not give a positive description of the beauty, but through the reaction of all sentient beings to see the beauty falling for it, so that the beauty of the beauty reversing all sentient beings appears in the reader's mind.


The same is true of Jin Yong's novels, which almost never directly describe the female owner's eyebrows, eyes, mouth and nose, so that readers can peep into her jade face and charming face through the eyes of others.



Yang Guifei in Bai Juyi's song of eternal regret: looking back, she smiles and has no color in the six palaces.


Xin Qiji's "auspicious crane Fairy" describes the words and sentences of plum blossoms in the spring wind, which can also be used to describe beauty: leaning on the east wind, smiling and smiling, looking forward to the shame of thousands of flowers.



When describing the beauty of Bai Gujing in journey to the west, one poem is also very wonderful. Ice muscles hide jade bones, and the shirt collar shows crisp chest. Willow eyebrows accumulate Cui Dai, and apricot eyes shine silver stars. The appearance of the moon is beautiful, and the natural character is clear. The body is like a swallow and a willow, and the sound is like a warbler singing in the forest.




In journey to the west, the king of the kingdom of daughters has an eyebrow like a green feather and a muscle like lanolin. The face is lined with peach petals, and the servant girls pile Golden Phoenix silk. The autumn eyes are enchanting, and the spring bamboo shoots are slender and charming. The oblique red gauze is colorful, and the high hairpin is bright with pearls and emeralds. Zhaojun's beauty is better than Xi Shi. The willow waist is slightly spread, the golden pendant is worn, and the lotus steps move the jade limbs gently. It's hard for Chang'e to come here in the moon. How can the nine day fairy do so. It is true that the queen mother fell to the yaochi pool.



"Journey to the west" in the "Four Saints try Zen heart" in the true, love, pity beauty, half smiling cherry bloom, when walking slowly, blue musk deer spray. The head is full of pearls and green, and there are countless treasure hairpins; It is full of delicate fragrance, delicate and delicate, with flowers and fine witch hazel. What do you say about Chu Wa's beauty and Xi Zi's charming face? It's really a nine day fairy falling from the sky, and Chang'e in the moon is cold《 The dark clouds on Daji's temples, apricot faces and peach cheeks, light spring mountains and delicate willow waist in the romance of the gods are really like begonias drunk on the sun, pear flowers with rain, no less than the nine heavenly fairies going to the yaochi lake, and Chang'e leaves the jade palace in the moon.



It's very interesting here, except for a few clips. Since Song Yu made her debut in the goddess Fu, ancient beauties have often become a foil. In ancient Zhang Hui style novels, the four beautiful women led by Xi Shi Wang Yi are often used to set off the beauty of the female owner. In the novel of gods and demons, the combination of nine heavenly Xuannv, Guanghan fairy and the virgin of yaochi is added. In the book of mountains and seas, the mother of the Western King said:



Its shape is like a man. It has a leopard tail and tiger teeth and is good at roaring. It has Peng hair and Dai Sheng. It is the fierce and five disabled of Si Tian. Of course, the image of the queen mother of the west is constantly changing with the development of the myth of the queen mother of the west, from the initial half man and half beast image to a human God, then to a fairy, and finally to the queen mother.



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