《西施 咏苎萝山》 唐代:李白

Xishi chanting Zhuluo mountain Tang Dynasty: Li Bai


 Xishi Yuexi female, from Zhuluo mountain. The beauty covers the present and the past, and the lotus blushes. Huansha makes clear water and is free from clear waves. It's hard to open a letter with bright teeth. I'm meditating in the blue clouds. Gou Jian is extremely beautiful and flies moths into Wu pass. Carry the guanwa palace, and you can climb it. Once the country is broken, it will not be returned for thousands of years.


Luo Guanzhong, the author of the romance of the Three Kingdoms, praised Diao Chan: "I was originally from Zhaoyang palace. I was surprised that Hong Wan turned his hand and only suspected flying over Dongting spring. According to the lotus steps in Liangzhou, the wind of good flowers curls a new branch, and the painting hall is fragrant and warm. "



"Wang Zhaojun" Du Mu 


has a new abundance of green trees, and he rides the fishing sun to explore the envoy's return. The neon dress is on a thousand peaks and the dance is broken. All nations sing songs, drunk with peace, leaning against the sky, the temple and the moon are clear. The clouds beat Lushan dance, and the wind over the mountains laughed.



"Qingping tune" Li Bai


yun thinks about clothes, flowers and looks, and the spring breeze blows against the sill. If we hadn't met at the head of Qun Yushan, we would meet at the foot of the moon at Yaotai.

《冯小怜》 李贺

Feng Xiaolian Li He


wan sees Xiao Lian at the head. Please play the pipa string. It's so broken that the spring breeze hates it. It's a few dollars right now. The skirt hangs with bamboo leaves, and the temples are wet with apricot smoke. Jade cold red silk is heavy. Qi Gong's concubine drives a whip.


The fengluan treasure tent scene is very, full of exquisite makeup of mud and gold. Ququ mountains fly green, dancing sleeves reflect Xia clothes. The color of pear flowers is beautiful, and the peony cage smoke employs beautiful makeup. But it's enchanting to move and get back Changle to serve the king.

《汉宫曲》 徐凝

"Han Palace song" Xu Ning's


 jade frost flows in front of the water curtain, and the Zhao family's flying Yan attends Zhaoyang. After dancing in the palm, the sound of the flute is absolute, and the autumn night of the thirty-six palaces is long.


《浣纱女》 王昌龄

Huansha girl who is Wang Changling's


 family on the Bank of Qiantang River? The daughter on the river is Quan Shenghua. The king of Wu didn't know it at that time. He openly came to Huansha today.


《十五夜观灯》 卢照邻

Watching lanterns on the 15th night Lu Zhaolin 


holds a fragrant banquet in Jinli, LAN Hongyan's early years. Red tape and color divide the land far away, and numerous lights decorate the sky far away. Then the Han Dynasty doubts that the stars fall, and the building hangs like the moon. Don't have a golden smile. Come to reflect nine branches.


"Ode to the God of Luo" Cao Zhi's 


shoulders are cut and his waist is as plain as a covenant. The neck is long and the neck is beautiful. The bright quality is exposed. The fragrance is not added. The lead flower is imperial. Yunji'e, Xiumei lianjuan, red lips outside bright, bright teeth inside fresh. Bright eyes are fond of beauty, dimples are complementary to power, beautiful and leisurely. Soft and graceful, flattering language.



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