The girl who loves to laugh is lucky. The professional singer who loves to laugh is the most exciting. The music art teacher who loves to laugh is the closest to the angel!



Once you see Wu Qunxian, you can instantly experience the dim beauty of the gentle and shy women in the south of the Yangtze River.



Born in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Wu qunqian has been fond of music and art since childhood and is eager to be a teacher. For many years, she young female singer, member of World Federation of cultural and art circles, Deputy Secretary General of Asian Musicians Association, member of China vocal music society. Her achievements are remarkable!



In 2007, I successfully entered Huaqiao University to study musicology. I listened carefully in class and asked for advice after class. I spent most of my spare time in the library, learning how to sing, learning music creation, learning singing performance and studying music art theory.



Qun Qian loves to laugh. Her smile always makes the audience feel the sunshine and warmth. In the eyes of fans, Miss Wu "has two big eyes that can speak." On the stage, her big eyes never let go of every audience friend. Under her gaze, the audience has a feeling of being concerned. "There are no fans who can't listen, only singers who can't sing well." She often says that.


While devoting herself to the study of education and teaching laws, qunqian is also committed to the deep research and study of music art. Since 2017, s, art voice and throat expert, leader of Chinese singing and vocal music teaching methods.


She adheres to the concept of art as life, actively spreads and sings works of the era of eulogy, has been invited to participate in national and、She is not only the main force on the stage, but also often acts as the host, planner, on-site director and other roles.


Qun Qian often said: "whether it's family, friendship, teachers and students, every love, we need to love everyone with our heart. Only the music full of love can let the song permeate every heart."



As a professional singer and music teacher dedicated to vocal music art, Wu qunqian has a beautiful and smooth voice. She integrates vocal music, recitation, host and other arts, integrates singing and teaching, and gradually forms her own artistic style.


Her original works "meet the lion", "the most beautiful Jinniu village", "wake up", "friendship forever connected", "the most beautiful you", "thousand er original intention of music. In the education work, she pays attention to the development of students' music potential, promotes Chinese singing and inherits the tradition In terms of culture, many positive attempts and beneficial explorations have been made.



In January 2020, he joined the World Federation of cultural and art circles and served as the Deputy Secretary General of the Asian Musicians Association.



Performance experience


In 2009, Fujian Grand Theatre completed its first new year concert.


In 2011, he acted as the host of the star concert of Zhou Huajian.


In 2015, he was invited to participate in the "moving China" National Vocal Competition held in the Star Light Studio of CCTV.


In 2017, he served as a tenor singer, the first batch of national first-class actors in China, Professor Wang Baozhang, teacher and student concert host, and sang songs.


In 2019, he was invited to participate in the performance of "poetry and painting Zhejiang (Tianjin) cultural tourism Carnival" hosted by Zhejiang Provincial Department of culture and tourism, and sang Quzhou City Image Song "Quzhou courtesy".



personal honor


In 2009, it was rated as the first "campus angel" in Fujian Province.


2010 South Africa World Cup soccer baby, top 4 in China.


2010 "dream flying" cross strait Art Festival Youth vocal music professional group national singing Gold Award.


In 2011, she was awarded the title of "the first Chinese rose princess".


In 2012, it won the silver medal of the first Zhejiang Village Song Creation and singing competition hosted by Zhejiang Provincial Department of culture.


In 2020, he won the gold medal of "praise new China, stride over the new era, and celebrate the year of China" Chinese star Spring Festival Gala.



public benefit activities:


Often participate in public welfare performances, such as "mountain sea cooperation, great love Quzhou" 2017 cross year charity party; often use their spare time to help others, and do volunteer work in the free lunch vegetarian shop every week; set up free Chinese music class, and use their professional knowledge to successfully help students suffering from stuttering, depression, etc.



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