On January 1, 2021, for the first time in the world, a large-scale night Pearl was put into the collection of Sakyamuni Buddha statues. The donation ceremony was held in the main hall of Tianxin temple, Banan District, Chongqing.Tan banglan, vice president of the United Nations health, arts and beauty organization, participated in the ceremony of placing the night pearl into Sakyamuni's Buddha statue collection. On behalf of Keyan international, he donated blue amber, jade cup, gabara and Youth Magic skin care products to enter Sakyamuni's Buddha statue collection together with the night pearl.



Tang Tingfu, a famous collector


The whole process of storing night Pearl


Under the spotlight of the night pearl, the donated one looks more green, and the internal texture is clearly displayed. The whole body of the night pearl is green. If the light on the scene is turned off, the huge night pearl will give out its own green luster, just like a round moon in front of its own eyes, giving people a shocking aesthetic feeling.







According to reports, Ms. Tan banglan believes in Buddhism. The night pearl donated by Ms. Tan was collected in Chongqing for decades. In order to further promote the development of Buddhist culture and better protect the precious heritage of the Chinese nation, Ms. Tan finally decided to donate these antiquities to Tianxin Temple of Banan District after many years of exchanges with Banan District of Chongqing and a large number of early investigations.



Vice President Tan banglan of the United Nations health arts organization donates gifts to Tibet



Secretary General Tan banglan takes a picture in front of simian Guanyin



Secretary General Tan banglan and night Pearl


The night pearl arrived at Tianxin temple in Banan District and was temporarily placed under the Buddha statue base of Daxiong hall. It will be permanently preserved by Tianxin temple.

天心寺方丈妙永,唐怡,义果,任琼,唐廷富及其弟子谭邦兰、张宏,聂中林、罗平、林万全、喻光伦.冉小敏 ,唐红梅,唐佳宇,唐欣宇、张开富、唐济、李政、吴晓安 、周豪芳、唐廷文、胡剑雄、熊继东、刘诗涵、刘鑫等一起出席本次盛典活动。

Tianxin Temple Abbot Miao Yong, Tang Yi, Yi Guo, Ren Qiong, Tang Tingfu and his disciples Tan banglan, Zhang Hong, Nie Zhonglin, Luo Ping, Lin Wanquan, Yu Guanglun, ran Xiaomin, Tang Hongmei, Tang Jiayu, Tang Xinyu, Zhang Kaifu, Tang Ji, Li Zheng, Wu Xiaoan, Zhou Haofang, Tang tingwen, Hu Jianxiong, Xiong Jidong, Liu Shihan, Liu Xin attended the ceremony together.







The beauty of ancient temples


Tianxin temple is located in Lianhua Mountain, tianxingsi Town, Banan District, Chongqing city. The mountain forms lotus naturally, which is in accordance with the Buddhist lotus platform. There is no lotus in Chongqing city. Tianxin temple has a long history. It was built in Chongzhen period of Ming Dynasty. It is one of the four Buddhist holy places in Chongqing. Its name "Tianxin" has more profound Buddhist meaning.



From the main city of Chongqing, on the Chongqing Ring Expressway, turn to Dongtai Road, you can directly reach Tianxin temple. When you drive through the reeds, it means that Tianxin temple is in front of you.



Gate of Tianxin Temple


It seems so quiet all the time here. If the character of the city is noisy and lively, it represents the quiet mood of the city. Just from the bustling city of Chongqing, when you step towards Tianxin temple, the real peace comes out of your heart.


There are few visitors in the quiet temple. Every plant, every brick and every tile is full of Zen in the winter sun.




Bodhi in the heart


There is a thousand year old gingko in the temple. In the deep autumn, the leaves fall and dye golden everywhere. Like a monk, hands together, heart murmur, good wishes to tell the vicissitudes of time, when there is a thrilling romantic feeling.


Just walk lazily in the temple, camphor and ancient well in time, silent and speechless, telling you the story of time.


A long time ago, we met along Huangge ancient road in Nan'an District. People came and went, and there was a lot of traffic.


Prosperous as a dream, with the shift of business center, the old Huangge Road, which used to be full of merchants, is gradually abandoned, and the thoroughfare is reduced to a rural path. Tianxin Temple declined to anonymity.


But it's a blessing in disguise. What you lose, you always get. Today, Chongqing is more and more popular with tourists. It is foreseeable that Tianxin temple, a place that completely retains its original historical appearance, will radiate the glory of the past.



Inside Tianxin Temple


Walking in Tianxin temple, the meditation comes from the green brick with shallow moss marks, and from the eyes through the warm sun passing through the roof.


More through the golden ginkgo leaves fall down, fall into the heart.


It's lucky to come to Tianxin temple at this time. There is no superfluous people, so peaceful and clean around us, our troubled heart will quietly return to peace.



A cup of tea


Come to the lawn beside the temple, there seems to be the fragrance of tea. You may as well stand up as a sculpture and experience countless storms in an instant. You will see the samsara of life. You will be indifferent to it and open it up. The tea in your hand is still steaming.


Walk around Tianxin temple and leave the temple. Before you know it, it's getting late.


"When you enter the ancient temple in the early morning, the sunshine is high in the forest. The winding path leads to the secluded place, and the Zen house has deep flowers and trees. The mountain light is pleasant to birds, and the pool shadow is empty of people. All sounds are silent, only the chime of the remaining bells. " Chang Jian's poem may have taken root in his heart.


On the way back to the city, you will still pass through a lot of reeds. In the evening, the reeds swing gently with the wind, sending out indescribable beauty.



Luhua at sunset


At this time, there may be evening drum coming from the temple, but maybe not. But you must be in a state of poetry. It can be "no one crossing the river, no one crossing the river", or "silence is better than sound at this time".


In any case, a leisurely and comfortable mood has been spread, so that you have more leisure for tomorrow and less demand for yourself.


Tianxin temple is as famous as Huayan Temple, Luohan temple and Ciyun Temple in Chongqing, but it is obviously more low-key than the other three temples. It's hard to remember if you don't have a clear purpose.Reed marsh near Tianxin Temple。



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Tang Tingfu, general manager of liyindong scenic area, introduces the night Pearl (click to enjoy)

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